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Yeah, about that…

December 30, 2007

IM from guildleader: “Wanna bring your mage to Karazhan tonight? We’re bored.”

Me: “Uhhhhhh, ok.”

Old habits die hard, I suppose.  🙂

Cross your fingers for phat lootz.

Wall of Stuff crits you for 123107: Happy New Year!

December 29, 2007

Heh, nothing brings your World of Warcraft addiction to a screeching halt like a shiny new XBox 360 and Guitar Hero under the Christmas tree. I’m still here, checking auctions and mail, seeing what the heroic dailies are but I haven’t done anything of note on the game since Christmas.

This sort of combos with a post I was working on in which I’ve reached kind of a wall with WoW at the moment.

Doofy has everything he needs from Karazhan, minus the shoulders from the Shade of Aran, which are never, ever, ever going to freaking drop. And as far as Badge of Justice rewards go, I just got the legs, and the other pieces of healing plate are really mild sidegrades, so I have minimal use for more badges unless I decided to go protection for gits and shiggles.

Sherm isn’t where I want him yet, but it’s rare that I can sneak him into Karazhan, I was very lucky that I got to do so in our 4-hour clear a couple of weeks ago. Really, he just needs more badges for a legs upgrade. Oh, and his weapon sucks. Short of paying for the mats and nethers for the Eternium Runed Blade, there’s only the exalted Honor Hold sword, which I’m a mere 15,000 rep away from getting. So he needs to get into Karazhan more, which currently isn’t an regular option as I’m typically stuck healing guild trips.

Doffy is still level 67. I can get him to 70 at will, but I really just don’t feel like doing that right now. I just did all these quests in the last 2-3 months or so on Sherm to get the cash for Doofy’s epic flying mount (and Doffy will probably pay for Sherm’s once he gets 70. My characters like to pay it forward.) He’ll be there, just not quite yet.

On top of that, my guild leader is completely sick of running Karazhan, as are most of us. We’re sharding virtually everything that drops or giving it to people for off-specs, and some of those pieces people already have. The things we want (Nightbane’s chest for our MT, Prince’s Mindblade for our casters) aren’t dropping. We can’t move into 25-man content yet because our raid roster is only about 12 or 13 people, plus a handful of friends from outside the guild who have alts they want to gear up. We’re not a raiding guild, really. We’re a screw-around guild that one day decided to do Karazhan, and then eventually started to beat the crap out of the place. A recruitment post went up on the realm forums explaining our desire to expand into 25-man raids, but I don’t see anything really coming of it (do those things ever work unless you’re a top end progression guild?).

I would like to raid more (and this is an absolutely shocking statement by me, one day I’ll make a post explaining why), but I’m otherwise going to step back from the game for a bit. Largely due to the XBox 360 (and Guitar Hero. And Mass Effect.) that is currently taunting me in the other corner of the room, but also due to the reasons mentioned above.

I’m not going to take a break from blogging, though. This writing exercise has been good for me. Hope to comment more on other folks’ blogs and share in the adventures you’re having! (And feel free to say hi if you found your way here from someone else’s site. Thanks)

Until later!

LFG Heroic Daily :(

December 23, 2007

What does it say when the heroic and non-heroic daily quests are the same instance, and there is absolutely nobody in LFG for it, all day long. In this case, it was Black Morass yesterday. Never been there on heroic, is it that bad?

Popped on Sherm first thing today to check some auctions, saw the daily heroic was Underbog, checked LFG, had a group in five minutes.  Funny how that works sometimes. Botanica and Mechanar are also quite easy to get into groups for, Underbog and Slave Pens are popular when they come up, and nobody ever seems to attempt to try the others.

You folks had any luck with the heroic dailies?


December 22, 2007

Don’t mind the fairly frequent changes to the look of this thing. I’m experimenting with various themes and it could be a while before I find one I like. I’m a serious noob when it comes to this whole customization thing.

Downranking? What’s that?

December 22, 2007

I like to think I’m a good healer. I’m geared well, I can heal you through virtually anything as long as you’re not an idiot and know how to play your class. And as long as you’re not attempting to tank a heroic with out being defense capped and have about 10k hp unbuffed. (Which has happened to me recently. Twice. Once on the mage. I felt bad for that healer.)

But I’ll let you in on a big secret.

When healing, I press two buttons. That’s it.

If you’re unfamilar with paladins, here’s what we have at our healing disposal:

Flash of Light: Quick cast, 1.5 seconds. Ridiculously mana efficient for what it does.

Holy Light: Slow cast, 2.5 seconds. Horribly mana inefficient, but awesome in a pinch. If it has to be cast more than once in a row, the fight either calls for it (If I don’t spam it on our Bear Form tank during the Nalorakk (bear boss) fight in ZA, they’re going to die), or something is going horribly wrong.

Holy Shock: Instant cast, 15 second cooldown. Deep holy talent only. Nice coming off a heal that almost tops off your target, but typically gets thrown at a mob to help with the dps between heals if everyone’s alright for the moment.

Holy Light and Flash of Light have many, many ranks that are learned on the trek to 70. But I never use them.

Downranking? Pffft.

Truth is, I never really needed to originally. Holy paladins used to have a great talent called Illumination. With five points in it, whenever a heal crit, you got the mana refunded to you. Sweet. Blizzard finally figured out how to properly itemize paladin healing gear with Burning Crusade and it was focused on +healing and crit. Hooray! My healing was ridiculously efficient. Also, paladins also have a talent called Divine Favor, which guarantees the next healing spell cast will crit, which means it’s free. The 41-point talent is Divine Illumination, which makes all spells cost half for 15 seconds. But if a heal crit while this was in effect, you still got the full casting cost returned to you.

Holy paladins because the most mana efficient healers in the game thanks to this talent, and the way spell crit was stacked on a lot of plate healing gear. I also valued spell crit higher than anything else. For a short time, my gear was a weird mish-mash of cloth, leather, mail and plate that focused on crit over other things. Like +healing.

Anyway, downranking simply wasn’t necessary. You could just spam heal your tank with Flash of Light repeatedly, and if they got into trouble, pop Divine Illumination, Divine Favor and hit them with a 420 mana Holy Light and get back 840 mana. I’d do entire instances (and even Karazhan boss fights) with one stack of potions, and I wouldn’t have to use them.

Then patch 2.1 changed Illumination’s mana refund to 60%. Super Happy Joy Pally Healing Fun Time was over. I found myself out of mana regularly. I started having to bring industrial sized vats of Super Mana Potions along with me. I had to bug our druids for their Innervates on boss fights.

I fixed the situation somewhat by swapping a couple of crit pieces for things that had more MP5 on it, and it got a little bit better. But long fights got very iffy still. I made some adjustments to the bar and brought some lower ranked heals out of the mothballs, to see what would happen, and I never used them. I was comfortable with those two buttons. I knew how much healing to expect from my max rank heals. The lower numbers threw me off big time. I stopped using them.

What I did realize from that short-lived experiment was that I didn’t have to spam Flash of Light like a maniac. I would literally just repeatedly cast Flash of Light over and over and over again, even when the situation really didn’t call for it. Now I’ll wait and see how the tank is going to do during the fight before launching into spam heals (if needed) or if I can get away with doing something periodically. My mana has been doing much better, especially on fights like Prince Malchezzar. Still gotta pop the pots occasionally, but not as many as I used to.

So yes, I just made every theorycrafter’s head explode, but you know what? This is my blog, so deal with it.

Karazhan farm status, hooray!

December 21, 2007

In a guild first, we cleared the entirety of Karazhan (minus Netherspite because he’s a douche) in one night. Normally, Tuesdays consist of everything up to Curator (including Nightbane) because we have a few siblings (three of them, two of which are very good players) who have some sort of timer set to their internet connection which goes poof at 11 p.m.

This week, we only had one of the three (the guild leader forgot I’d be around on Tuesday and didn’t give a slot to Doofy, so I replaced the warlock with Sherm and was very happy about that!), so only one person had to be replaced and we did it just before getting to Curator, so since our tank had a couple more hours of availablity, we were able to keep going. Curator became no longer operational, the Shade of Aran’s nightmare finally ended, and we one-shot Illhoof, which finally started happening a couple of weeks ago after a bunch of frustrating attempts. We skip Netherspite, as I mentioned, because we’re just not coordinated enough for it, and he’s very unforgiving when it comes to beam mistakes.

On to chess and Prince. By the way, now that Badges of Justice drop in Karazhan, they have to do something about the Chess Event so that it doesn’t take 10 minutes for everyone to loot their stupid badges.

Prince was the only boss the whole night to take more than one attempt. I had a freak internet hiccup during attempt number one, and two minutes later got back on to find that I was dead. I asked what happened and the tank got insta-gibbed during a bad infernal placement on phase 2. Attempt two caused us to get boxed in pretty badly and after a DI, and buffing up for attempt number three the stars (or, really, infernals) aligned and down he went.

I’ve been running around with this thing for ages and really need to upgrade it to reach the next level as far as damage output goes. Sadly, neither Curator nor Prince saw it fit to give me their awesome pew-pew weapons. All I had to show for the run was 20 badges and the The Lightning Capacitor the merits of which I’m currently debating.

Oh well, it was an awesome feeling to have a full clear of the joint in about 4 hours. All the other planned raids (the usual second night of Kara, no longer necessary this week; ZA, where the bear boss is on farm status and we wipe a bunch on eagle now) fell apart this week anyway because of the holidays so this was a good thing.

I did my dailies! Sort of.

December 21, 2007

I’d gone on a bit of a spending spree this week, buying some primals to level Blacksmithing to 365 and finding a decent price on a badly needed Jewelcrafting pattern for Sherm, so I decided that I was going to go do my Netherwing dailies on Doofy. All of them. I’d gotten to revered, and then got pretty bored with the daily grind of it. It was too much work, really. I hadn’t even touched the Ogri’la quests since I hit exalted with them and bought the epic flying mount which unlocked the Netherwing quests.

Last night I forgot for a bit why I stopped. Then I remembered.

I know they’re the first couple quests you get and you don’t have to do them really anymore once you get past Friendly, but the stupid transporter quest and the poison quest made me never want to go back.

The Not-So-Friendly Skies is the transporter quest and I can’t stand it. Not because of the drop rate, but because as a holy Paladin, pulling these things is impossible. My longest ranged attack is Holy Shock at 20 yards. So many of the things pass over my head and I’m unable to pull them. I’d done it a few times before, but last night I spent five minutes trying to get in position to pull one and didn’t get anything.

The other one that bugs the crap out of me is A Slow Death, the poison quest. You go back to the main land of Shadowmoon Valley and collect Fel Glands which are the reagent to use on the packs of peons to kill them with tasty meat. I spent about an hour killing things, and got six. Half of what I needed. This was ridiculous, so I gave up and called it a night.

I never really do the quest either that has you go all the way to the western edge of Nagrand and kill those dudes. So that left the Nethercite Ore, Nethercite Crystals (had a surprisingly good drop rate on those last night for once), the two quests within the mine, the Booterang quest and the one where the flying guys attack the Aldor camp. Basically I stand there and spam heal myself the entire time and I eventually win. Fun! I made about 85g between quests and vendor trash, but still spend over two hours doing that. Ugh, I really don’t know if it was worth it. I suppose I should get around to starting SMV on Sherm, the one zone I haven’t quested in yet.

About the alts

December 19, 2007

So Doofy is my main, and I am forever cursed to be referred to by that name whenever I play any of my alts. Which are as follows.

Sherm, level 70 Gnome Mage. I’ve probably been playing him the most lately, as Doofy is pretty much geared up as far as he can go until we really start experiencing more 25 man content (a bit more on that later). I leveled him as full frost and stayed that way for a while, and was actually getting kind of bored with it. I really didn’t want to go fire, so I found an arcane/frost build that looked interesting, and I haven’t looked back. My damage increased dramatically. I’m not pwning well-geared warlocks or rogues or anything in Karazhan, but I’m definitely holding my own, and I rock the dps in heroic five mans, especially when PuGing them. Been playing him the most also because he’s got some badly needed upgrades with Badge of Justice items so I try to hit the heroic daily quest. Sometimes that works, sometime it doesn’t.

Doffy, level 66 Draenei Shaman. When it came time to name him, I couldn’t think of anything much so I decided to name him after the most common mispelling of Doofy by bad typers. He’s enhancement spec and I plan on keeping him that way since I already have a caster and a healer, I wanted a melee class to bring to 70. I’ll probably have him keep a backup resto set for a pinch though. Been doing heroics with some shammy healers and wow do they rock if they know what they’re doing.

Waldorf, level 46 Gnome Warrior. He was actually the first character I rolled after getting Doofy to 60 and it was kind of a mistake. I hadn’t become the uber-holy paladin I am now at that time, so for me levelling him was almost a carbon copy of levelling up a paladin. I think I got him into the 20’s, rolled Sherm shortly after that and only dabbled here and there with him. I also made him an enchanter, loaded him up with lots of mats by sending high level greens to him to disenchant shortly before the change to enchanting went in where you had to be at a certain skill level to smash level 50 items. Eventually got it to 300, where he now waits with bags full of Arcane Dust and Large Prismatic Shards. I’ll level him eventually.

Mini-Me is a master of the arcane.

December 17, 2007

The Verne Troyer WoW commercial is out and he’s a gnome mage. I had kind of figured that gnome was too obvious, figured he’d be a tauren or draenei or something. Heh.

Happy Winter’s Veil!

December 15, 2007

Is it price gouging if people are too stupid to realize that Ice Cold Milk is sold for a few copper by about a million different NPC’s? I have a guildie who made a fortune today selling it at a huge markup to people who really wanted to get their Winter’s Veil quest done already.

And thanks to those new tailoring patterns, Runecloth seemed to be wiped out on the auction house. I happened to have a 14 slot bag of it sitting in the bank, doing nothing and turned that into 70g in just a few hours. Not a bad time of year at all.