Already with the QQing already

If you’re dumb enough to gather 3 dps classes together first and then spend an eternity in LFG and Trade spamming “LFM (random instance), just need tank and heals,” just disband the group already. It’s not like there are lots of tanks and healers just wandering aimlessly thinking “where in Outland am I ever going to find three people to dps this instance?” Find one, or preferably both, first, and your chances of getting a group for the instance skyrocket. It also says that you probably know what you’re doing. When I want to heal a five man, I purposely don’t join a group that is looking for a tank and a healer to finish the group, since it probably contains at least one random DPS person who will complain about getting Blessing of Salvation.

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One Comment on “Already with the QQing already”

  1. Kestrel Says:

    NOW you tell me! 😀

    Yep…if I’m LFG, I know now that my Hunter needs to be sure there’s at least one or the other (pref. both) and my Priest needs to know he has a tank to heal.

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