How I got into WoW, the birth of Doofy

I’d never MMO’d before. Heard tales about the appropriately named Evercrack, but really didn’t need an addiction at that point in time, nor did I have a computer that could handle it. Finally, one day in early 2006, the friend of my roommate who was often at our place brought his newly purchased copy World of Warcraft over.

We thought this was pretty stupid and he was ridiculed out of the apartment for it. Then he disappeared for a few weeks. And eventually, we gave in. Roommate Guy first, then me. We all had Horde characters (a rogue on Stormrage was my first one) and found it crazy addictive.

Then, one day, on a lark, I rolled a paladin, just to see what they were like. I really wasn’t sure what I was expecting. The Horde didn’t have them so we knew nothing about them. I also never expected to play it seriously. My rogue was in the 40’s and that was a lot of work to get that far! Scrolling through the facial and hair options, I kinda made him look as goofy as possible. Blank, almost dumbfounded expression, flat top haircut. Perfect. And what would this holy warrior of the light’s name be? Why, Doofy, of course. I enjoyed the disconnect.

As I mentioned, I started on Stormrage because that’s where my roommate and our friends were playing on. Since the server seemed to consist of nothing but level 60’s and their alts, I rolled Doofy on Thrall, one of the newer servers available.

I slogged through Elwynn Forest, and eventually triumphed over the almighty Hogger, a milestone in any Human’s career. I went back to my rogue for a bit, but since the 40’s are/were the suck for levelling, I loaded up Doofy and headed to Westfall. Shortly into my adventures there, I met up with some people from the Dalaran server who decided to reroll anew, and after a clever guild recruitment message that was right up my alley, joined their guild (named Shuffle since Pink Bunny Rabbits was already taken) and bonded with them over a three hour Deadmines wipefest.

I’ve played the rogue maybe twice, since.

Further adventures of the noob paladin who once thought he could tank, heal and dps all at the same time will continue as best I remember them.

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