Happy Winter’s Veil!

Is it price gouging if people are too stupid to realize that Ice Cold Milk is sold for a few copper by about a million different NPC’s? I have a guildie who made a fortune today selling it at a huge markup to people who really wanted to get their Winter’s Veil quest done already.

And thanks to those new tailoring patterns, Runecloth seemed to be wiped out on the auction house. I happened to have a 14 slot bag of it sitting in the bank, doing nothing and turned that into 70g in just a few hours. Not a bad time of year at all.

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One Comment on “Happy Winter’s Veil!”

  1. HolyWarrior Says:

    Haha. My bank Alts (2 different servers) both trade in Wool cloth. They can generally keep the price of wool at around 50s a 5 stack (2gold for a full stack) on . On the morning of Winterveil the main one emptied all 5 16 slot bags whilst ramping the price up to 2 gold a 5 stack and 10 gold a full 20 stack while buying out anything cheaper as soon as it appeared. I spent 2 hours trying to keep my mail box empty!!!

    All year I had also been collecting small eggs and they sold out at huge profit too.

    The best thing though was I bought a Gingerbread cookie recipe from the Goblin vendor right there next to Greatfather winter and sold it for 15 gold on the auction house! HAHAHA

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