I did my dailies! Sort of.

I’d gone on a bit of a spending spree this week, buying some primals to level Blacksmithing to 365 and finding a decent price on a badly needed Jewelcrafting pattern for Sherm, so I decided that I was going to go do my Netherwing dailies on Doofy. All of them. I’d gotten to revered, and then got pretty bored with the daily grind of it. It was too much work, really. I hadn’t even touched the Ogri’la quests since I hit exalted with them and bought the epic flying mount which unlocked the Netherwing quests.

Last night I forgot for a bit why I stopped. Then I remembered.

I know they’re the first couple quests you get and you don’t have to do them really anymore once you get past Friendly, but the stupid transporter quest and the poison quest made me never want to go back.

The Not-So-Friendly Skies is the transporter quest and I can’t stand it. Not because of the drop rate, but because as a holy Paladin, pulling these things is impossible. My longest ranged attack is Holy Shock at 20 yards. So many of the things pass over my head and I’m unable to pull them. I’d done it a few times before, but last night I spent five minutes trying to get in position to pull one and didn’t get anything.

The other one that bugs the crap out of me is A Slow Death, the poison quest. You go back to the main land of Shadowmoon Valley and collect Fel Glands which are the reagent to use on the packs of peons to kill them with tasty meat. I spent about an hour killing things, and got six. Half of what I needed. This was ridiculous, so I gave up and called it a night.

I never really do the quest either that has you go all the way to the western edge of Nagrand and kill those dudes. So that left the Nethercite Ore, Nethercite Crystals (had a surprisingly good drop rate on those last night for once), the two quests within the mine, the Booterang quest and the one where the flying guys attack the Aldor camp. Basically I stand there and spam heal myself the entire time and I eventually win. Fun! I made about 85g between quests and vendor trash, but still spend over two hours doing that. Ugh, I really don’t know if it was worth it. I suppose I should get around to starting SMV on Sherm, the one zone I haven’t quested in yet.

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One Comment on “I did my dailies! Sort of.”

  1. HolyWarrior Says:

    I hit exalted a long time ago now (well, not that long, about the time I started blogging!) and I still do a lot of the dailies for cash and ore. Definitely lose the poison and transporter quests.

    I usually start in Shattrath and get the cooking daily as that often takes you to Skettis or BEM.


    0) Pop to Nagrand if you have Spiritual cooking or Netherstrom if you have mana berries cooking daily.
    1) Aether Ray capturing and hand in so you have the apexis shard for step 2.
    2) Crystal Emanations. Easy 12 gold. open chat channel and type 1,2,3 or 4 to keep track of which colours to hit.
    3) If you have demon broiled cooking quest head south and do it. Then head north and kill Demons. Easy as Holy spec.
    4) Have fun flying around and bombing to finish off zone. then hand in and get free flight to blackwind landing
    5) More bombing and flying for Fires Over Skettis
    6) Do escort when you come across it and get Giant Kaliri wing if you have Skettis daily cooking quest.
    7) You should now have done daily cooking quest.
    8) Pick up Booterang and do it while looking for ore.
    9) Fly around lots and collect nethercite and other ores till you get bored. Overstock on Nethercite ore if you can so you’ve got an easy hand in on days you don’t have as much time
    10) You could either pop in the mine and skin for flayer hide from other peoples kills (could just stock this up for free hand ins) or collect the mining crates. I usually save Daily slot 10 for the Heroic Daily.

    Barring the heroic daily this normally nets around 100 gold for about an hours fun plus lots of ore and skinning (Yes I mine and skin!!)

    Haven’t seen the Nagrand killing one recently. Does it disappear at Netherwing exalted or is it from somewhere else.

    And only ever done the flying attack on Aldor camp once, never again. Is that a daily? Must go and have a look!!

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