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Nerf sleep!

January 29, 2008

A Sunday ZA raid had just ended. Three hours or so. Was a good run, though we failed miserably at the bear timer (WTB hunters that can trap) and stumbled a bit on the lynx boss before finally hitting on something that worked. I bet we’ll one shot him next time.

After that, it’s back to Shattrath and/or Ironforge to tie up some loose ends before hitting the hay, which would be good for me as Mondays are particularly vicious in my line of work.

“Doof, can you cut a gem for me?”
“Sure, let me get on the mage.”

*switches characters*

[goodtankiknowinaraidingguild] whispers: Wanna go to ZA? Need one more good DPS to fill out.


*looks wistfully at bed*

*looks wistfully at boss loot tables*

*thinks again*

To [goodtankiknowinaraidingguild]: Okay.

That was another two and a half hours in there. And we didn’t even get Halazzi down. But it was fun, I’d only been in there on Sherm once before and that was before we figured out that what I need to do on Doofy in the eagle gauntlet is tank all the birds with Consecration while still healing. I wasn’t first in damage, but I had the top dps for the entire run. Hit rating wins. Sleep can come later.

The essential parts of any raid

January 25, 2008

I’ve been casually raiding on a regular basis for less than a year, and my 25 man experience consists entirely of 3 HKM and Gruul kills, plus some Hydross the Unstable and Lurker Below wipes. That said, I’ve learned that there are certain types of players who are essential to any successful raid. Some of these categories may cover more than one person in the raid, and that’s just fine. Next time you’re putting together a raid roster, use this as a handy checklist to make sure all these roles are covered.

The Totally Unprepared Guy

You were supposed to start pulling a minute ago and this person is still in Ironforge asking for a summon. Which you already did, twice. Everyone else either took their summon or hiked it there and was ready a good 10-15 minutes ago. Finally, they takes the summon. Oh wait, they forgot reagents/health and mana pots/consumables/food/water/ammo/to repair. Can they borrow some of yours? They’ll send them back to you…eventually.

Mr. I’m Not Doing Anything Wrong (Except He Totally Is)

You just wiped. Whether it’s on something you’ve had on farm forever or it’s your first attempt at something, the first one to pipe up is probably the guy bringing the least to the table. Either they were slacking on the dps, or they pulled aggro too early and died and it certainly wasn’t their fault. No, not at all.

Taking This Waaaaaaaay To Seriously Guy

You just wiped, and this typically otherwise mild-mannered and friendly player immediately launches into a verbal tirade against the rest of the raid for not playing their roles properly. Tends to freak people out. A lot.

In Over His Head Guy

Applies to casual raid guilds as opposed to the more hardcore ones. They’re a nice person to have in the guild and they’re clearly having fun with WoW, but you really needed to fill out your raid roster so you brought them along, only to find out that your healers and/or tanks are out damaging them and you have nine or 24 other people basically carrying this person through the content. You’d feel bad telling this person how much they suck, so you kind of just leave them be and let them do their thing. At the end of the raid, successful or failed, this person will usually tell you that they had the time of their lives in there and are looking forward to doing it again.

The PVPer

This person joined the raid straight out of a 3 hour battleground session. Typically also demands to be buffed right away, causing non-flagged members to get flagged and thus making future buffing, healing etc. Extremely annoying. More often than not, they are manually flagged and forget to turn it off, meaning someone stays flagged for longer than the five minute duration. This usually leads to someone stepping outside the instance for various reasons and getting hardcore ganked by the opposing faction.

The Loot Linker

Before every boss, this player will use their AtlasLoot addon to link the gear they hope to get from the boss. Counting your loot before it drops virtually ensures it will never freaking drop ever, people. Come on! When said linked loot does not drop, this player will immediately link the items they want from the next boss.

The AFKer

Self-explanatory. Usually solved by a well-placed Misdirection.

The Altaholic

The person with multiple 70’s who wants to gear them all up in the same Karazhan raid. They’d like to bring their hunter to Attumen, their warrior to Moroes, their priest to Maiden, etc. Wouldn’t be so bad if they parked all of these alts outside the instance, but no, they’re all in Shattrath City, and require (nay, demand) summons each time they switch out characters.

Filling each of the above roles will ensure a productive and entertaining raid, whether it’s your first run in Karazhan or you’ve got Illidan on farm. Happy raiding!

Healing DPS ftw?

January 21, 2008

I installed the Recount addon to track healing in raids, which was probably a mistake as it only goes to show me that priests and shamans just do so much more freaking healing than I can possibly do. Damn them and their stupid Chain Heal and Prayer of Mending (and Healing). I’ll just stand here spamming Flash of Light on the tank, kthxbye.

Also, it turns out the addon also has the weird side effect of tracking damage done. Who knew? Totally bizzare.

Anyway, Mechanar was the heroic daily, and a couple of folks I know were looking for one more dps for a quick steamrolling on the joint, so wanting to check out how I was doing with my new sword and off-hand, I hopped on my mage and away we went.


1.1 million damage (and 743 DPS) later the run was complete, with me leading in damage done.


I logged back on Sherm later on in the day, and Recount had saved the damage totals. I was looking at it, and something was really bugging me about it, only I couldn’t put my finger on it for a while. Then, after maybe a hour or so of staring at the screen while fishing (I was really bored that night), it hit me.

The healer didn’t do a single point of damage in the entire instance.

The damage meter was only showing me, the shadow priest, the enhancement shaman, and the protection warrior. Only 4 people did damage. Our holy paladin, with about 250 more healing than I have on Doofy, was not on the list.

The hell?

With the group we had, the place was easymode. Short of bosses, the Tempest-Forge Destroyers are the hardest thing in there that would require focused healing. Besides that, not even a single Judgement, Holy Shock or Consecration on the simpler trash pulls? This is like a holy priest not even throwing a single Shadow Word: Pain on anything. Or a resto shaman never casting a single shock on a mob. I’m new to running the whole damage meter thing, but this is just supremely weird to me. Why not put a few extra points of damage to speed up the fights?

When healing, I’m constantly throwing Holy Shock whenever it’s up and dropping Consecration whenever it won’t interfere with CC, without missing a beat. Don’t forget the Holy Hammer of DOOM! (aka Hammer of Wrath) when something is almost dead. I love that thing.

Heck, in our Karazhan raids, myself and our holy priest have dps contests on everything up to Moroes since our core 10-man group is so well geared at this point (No lie, we were 5th and 6th on the damage meters up to the point of pulling Moroes). Also, the buff that healing weapons got in regards to providing spell damage has helped a lot too. I vendored several pieces of my “solo” set because the healing gear became better with the added spell damage. The holy priest stopped carrying shadow gear around since his healing set gave him more damage.

Am I completely insane by doing some damage while healing at the same time, or was the above scenario just a little bit weird?

ZA ownage, woot!

January 20, 2008

Yesterday was a very good day for Shuffle. Bear down within the timer, eagle one-shotted (and would have beaten the timer as well if we didn’t afk for 5 minutes before starting the gauntlet), and lynx down after about 4 or 5 tries. How anyone gets to that boss within the timer, I’ll never know. That was a crapton of trash, yikes.

Unfortunately, all the drops sucked.  But hey, it just reset, so we might give it another whirl tonight.

No more Clothadin!*

January 19, 2008

They’re not the Shade of Aran’s (curse him!!!!), but the ones off the 2nd boss of heroic Hellfire Ramparts (the daily heroic for the 3rd time in 5 days, lack of randomization FTL!) are not only plate, and better than what I was wearing, but they look like the recolored Tier 2, which goes with my chest, and thus are really, really sexy.

*uh, not counting the belt I’m wearing, which I don’t count since it’s quite good. And also, epic.

Ridiculously late New Year’s Resolutions

January 12, 2008

Horribly late, of course, but I figured I’d mention these New Year’s resolutions that I’ve made for my characters (or have they made them for me? Hmmm.)


1. 375 Blacksmithing. Suck it up, you cheap bastard. I’ve even got an epic pattern that makes it worth levelling.
2. Replace these blue cloth shoulders. It’s the last piece of non-plate. I don’t care how you do it. Pray that the Shade of Aran drops his, get the ones from heroic Hellfire Ramparts or do some PVP for the welfare epics. They just look goofy at this point.
3. Do some freaking dailies. Again, suck it up and do them. Not the crappy ones, of course, but there are orcs in Shadowmoon Valley and ogres in Blade’s Edge that just want to hand me mad stacks of cash for a few minutes of work.


1. Replace that silly staff. Get a Karazhan drop, or finally hit Honor Hold exalted for their rockin’ sword. Done! I now have said sword, and the badge offhand to go with it, and it’s given me a net of 70 more damage. Woo hoo!
2. Finish your badge grind. Looks like you’ll need 25 more for the pants, and then another 25 if you want that wand and it’s hilarious 180 DPS.
3. Exalted Scryers. Come on! Use that spell damage to kill some blood elves. You’ll need the epic spellthread to go with those pants, and you’re probably not replacing those Mana-Etched Shoulders for a while so might as well put the exalted enchant on them, no?


1. Get 70! You’re 68 now, it’s not that much more.
2. Get Karazhan keyed. Not that your guild is going back there anymore, but it would be nice to have, just in case.
3. Use your Primal Might transmute as much as possible. It cost four of them to specialize, might as well try to make your money back. Pray for the epic five-proc!


1. Stop forgetting about me. You only love me for my disenchanting. Jerk.
2. If you’re not going to completely forget about me, at least get me to 50 so I can train to 375 enchanting and use this bank full of mats I’ve been collecting.
3. Why am I camped in Exodar? This isn’t fair. I’m lonely. Can someone help me? Please?
Anyone? Hellooooooooo…

Progression & Purple Patterns

January 11, 2008

I’ve been so busy admiring the amount of views I’m getting (1,500, seriously, I’m amazed) that I totally forgot to mention that we got the eagle boss in ZA for the first time last week. We’ve had the bear on farm for a while, but the last two kills have come just short of beating the timer (the prisoner gets nuked in the middle of the fight).

The gauntlet on the way to the eagle boss is moderately aggravating, but we finally got past it when I figured out that I should stand in the middle or so and just start Consecrating, in an attempt to draw most of the birds to me. It seems to work, as we don’t have much trouble with that anymore.

Eagle is probably the most mana intensive fight I’ve been in. Bear isn’t as bad, even though I’m doing nothing but casting Holy Light so the bear form tank (a bear form tank) doesn’t die. In troll form I don’t have to do a whole lot so I’m not using up as much mana then. With eagle random people are taking large chunks of damage in addition to the main tank. The being launched up into the air thing is quite annoying, as well.

Anyway, through some miracle, the healers’ mana lasted just long enough for him to die on our third attempt. He’s not an exceptionally hard fight, as long as everyone collapses in on him before the storm thingy goes off. I think I used 3 Super Manas and was able to pop Divine Illumination twice during the fight. I didn’t win the healer necklace (/cry), but the progression was nice. We dabbled with the lynx boss trash (ick) and then called it a night, but not before using our sticks.

A few of these Amani Hex Stick drop during each run, and they are used on the frogs in the middle. Most of them just give boxes that contain random things like money or charms that work like the Karazhan books. We found an npc named Gunter, who happens to be a food vendor. He sells some buff food, normal food, and then a blue item called a Sealed Scroll Case. I’d ninja’d this thing off the vendor before, and got a measly Scroll of Spirit for my troubles. Yay. I nabbed it again before anyone else could, and out plops Plans: Hand of Eternity

Uh, wow. Everyone freaks out, asking where it came from, and I explained over vent. The only blacksmiths were myself and the main tank so we /roll on it and I won! Yay.

This is good because it’s an excuse to level blacksmithing. It’s just absolutely horrible to level those last 15 points. I got it to 360 with relative ease, then hit a wall as everything I could make that was orange needed Primal Fires and other sorts of expensive stuff. I finally broke down a couple of weeks ago and got up to 365, which let me use one of the felsteel plans I had in the bank, but now I’m stuck at 366. I suppose that’s one of my New Year’s Resolutions for this character.

That, and get the four freakin’ Primal Nethers the silly mace needs. Yeesh.