Well, now that I’ve written the entry that I will never top, ever, it’s clearly all downhill from here. I only hope my future entries are half as entertaining as that adventure, and I hope you’ll stick around for them. Thanks so much for the great comments!

I notice I’ve been added to several blogrolls among the intertubes, I will return the favor shortly. I’ve suddenly got a lot of catching up to do!

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2 Comments on “Thanks!”

  1. Caiti Says:

    XI-perience (linked on my blog) and I both have posts about the “raid” issue that some Heroics run into. Spawned by a blog of a guy who unfortunately had to endure discovering the raid issue first hand. Though this was all on good terms and did not require a sit in (which I enjoyed reading of yours). He talks about his GM conversations, etc. Blizzard is well aware of it all, etc. I have the links in the post on my blog if you’re ever interested in doing some digging. XI-perience has his take on it too. I link to them both within the post and hoped to make enough people aware of the issue…since it really can mess a good group up (one that doesnt deserve to be screwed! heh).

    *thumbs up on your blog*

  2. Assbringer Says:

    The intertubes damn well SHOULD be clogged with a post as epic as that!

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