Healing DPS ftw?

I installed the Recount addon to track healing in raids, which was probably a mistake as it only goes to show me that priests and shamans just do so much more freaking healing than I can possibly do. Damn them and their stupid Chain Heal and Prayer of Mending (and Healing). I’ll just stand here spamming Flash of Light on the tank, kthxbye.

Also, it turns out the addon also has the weird side effect of tracking damage done. Who knew? Totally bizzare.

Anyway, Mechanar was the heroic daily, and a couple of folks I know were looking for one more dps for a quick steamrolling on the joint, so wanting to check out how I was doing with my new sword and off-hand, I hopped on my mage and away we went.


1.1 million damage (and 743 DPS) later the run was complete, with me leading in damage done.


I logged back on Sherm later on in the day, and Recount had saved the damage totals. I was looking at it, and something was really bugging me about it, only I couldn’t put my finger on it for a while. Then, after maybe a hour or so of staring at the screen while fishing (I was really bored that night), it hit me.

The healer didn’t do a single point of damage in the entire instance.

The damage meter was only showing me, the shadow priest, the enhancement shaman, and the protection warrior. Only 4 people did damage. Our holy paladin, with about 250 more healing than I have on Doofy, was not on the list.

The hell?

With the group we had, the place was easymode. Short of bosses, the Tempest-Forge Destroyers are the hardest thing in there that would require focused healing. Besides that, not even a single Judgement, Holy Shock or Consecration on the simpler trash pulls? This is like a holy priest not even throwing a single Shadow Word: Pain on anything. Or a resto shaman never casting a single shock on a mob. I’m new to running the whole damage meter thing, but this is just supremely weird to me. Why not put a few extra points of damage to speed up the fights?

When healing, I’m constantly throwing Holy Shock whenever it’s up and dropping Consecration whenever it won’t interfere with CC, without missing a beat. Don’t forget the Holy Hammer of DOOM! (aka Hammer of Wrath) when something is almost dead. I love that thing.

Heck, in our Karazhan raids, myself and our holy priest have dps contests on everything up to Moroes since our core 10-man group is so well geared at this point (No lie, we were 5th and 6th on the damage meters up to the point of pulling Moroes). Also, the buff that healing weapons got in regards to providing spell damage has helped a lot too. I vendored several pieces of my “solo” set because the healing gear became better with the added spell damage. The holy priest stopped carrying shadow gear around since his healing set gave him more damage.

Am I completely insane by doing some damage while healing at the same time, or was the above scenario just a little bit weird?

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9 Comments on “Healing DPS ftw?”

  1. Pike Says:

    I run with a holy pally healer a lot… sometimes he’ll show up on the DPS meters as having done a little damage… sometimes he won’t show up at all. Honestly I sometimes wonder if it’s the DPS meters being silly, as they are apt to be for me. But then again I don’t know anything about paladins or healing…

  2. Nibuca Says:

    I DPS when I can.. but my #1 job is healing. I run into problems if I try to DPS too much. At the beginning of the fight is when the most loose aggro happens. If I’m thinking about getting in a seal/judgement/holy shock/excorcism and -then- looking to see who needs heals I’ll run into problem where the tank dies.

    If it’s easymode, yeah, I’m there (lol)DPSing but if there’s anything that might require alot of healing right at the beginning of the fight. I’m totally 100% healing.

  3. HolyWarrior Says:

    May depend on what he is doing the majority of the time. If he spends a lot of time raiding and very little time in 5 mans, then he, like me, is probably used to standing at max range of the tank and healing.

    On last weeks Leo run I did 1000 damage, that was a single Holy Shock on the demon form the one time I wasn’t inner-demoned.

    I prefer to just ensure the tank stays alive. If I’m doing my job and the tank is doing their job the only thing that can kill us is over zealous dps on the pull!

  4. Hyouzan Says:


    I sometimes find myself tanking (solo or the start of a 5man) in my off healing gear. It’s not all that uber or anything but it surprises me that I can do it.

  5. Kestrel Says:

    When healing 5-mans on my Holy Priest, I hit the tank with PoM and Renew just before the pull, and I try to get SW: Pain on the skull right as the tank engages. On bosses, I’m tossing SW:P every chance I get (mana is rarely an issue; if it is, then you can bet all I’m doing is healing).

    For one thing, I’m sure to show up in Violation (my damage meter). And if someone is real close to me (assuming it’s a guild run and not a pug) I may have something to say about their output.

  6. nah no ones insane. when i was healer at one point i didnt do any damage so ya. nothing. but then again maybe he was afraid if he attacked something that it would draw threat from the tank so he was just doing precaution or maybe he wasj ust really really lazy on damage lol
    oh btw
    i am Sungar, 61 prot specced paladin on Dentarg.
    check out my blog

  7. Minsom Says:

    IMO its much of a muchness. When I heal in 5 manners I will normally stand back and heal the whole time, its probably due to me healing since I started raiding. In most heroics I will just stand at max range and heal and only use my offensive spell and seals/blessings to pull trash mobs that aggro on squeshies which then allows me to stun them and gives enough time for the tank to grab them back. Thats probably the extent of damage that I do whilst I heal etc. Kinda of a very defensive use of offensive talents but seems to work.

    I think its really personnel preference, some do some don’t. Also situation as well dictates what needs to be done like the last boss in Steam Vaults where everyone has to DPS those tanks down..

  8. Harricat Says:

    It all depends on the group and the situations.
    If i’m confident in the group to do their job, then I don’t need to do any damage.
    If I do zero output of damage than that means that everyone is doing their job.

    Situational DMG. (if have enough mana to do so and still heal the fight)
    I’ll toss out HoW on runners.
    There have a been many fights where 1 or 2 DPS Die (mostly cause they stole aggro or i wanted them to die) and i need to add some burst dmg. I will do so as long as the tank is above 80% health.
    On a few occasions a group had 4members asking for anyone to fill a spot. I’d join as offheal and support class. Suprising how versatile paladins are in this role. Judging wis/light when needed. And some suprisingly high DMG output.

  9. namerequired Says:

    I have a 70 paladin on windrunner. It is my main, and the only character I really want to play. I chose the class and race because I thought it would suit my personality, and I like it. The problem I have is that paladins imho have severe class issues, such as this: 1) As a RET paladin, you have to compete with mages and rogues, which will ALWAYS outdamage you, and to boot they have crowd control abilities. So there is just no need for a dps pally in a group. 2) If you are chosen to join a group scenario as a healer, they’ve picked you because no better healer was available. Shamans, druids, and priests all do better, and can deal quite good to phenomenal damage at range by nuking… something paladins can’t do. 3) All damage we deal must be in melee range, so we have to RUN to our target before we can start dmg, whereas any nuking class can just switch targets and blam. So this limits our overall damage dealt.

    In PvP, the talents you really need leave you no options for grouping. You cannot be the tank, and you’re not going to be the healer. So you spend 50g to be able to PvP worth a darn, then have to go and respec for another 50g just to be invited into a group that was hard up and didn’t really want your class anyway.

    So the question comes down to… what are we good for? We can’t dps, we can’t heal as well as others, we can’t crowd control, so what is our role? Where do we shine where other classes fall short?

    I think blizzard needs to take a look at the class and give us something to be proud about. Investing 750 hours into a character only to find you’ve wasted your time on a character that is generally outclassed on every ability is frustrating, to say the least.

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