Nerf sleep!

A Sunday ZA raid had just ended. Three hours or so. Was a good run, though we failed miserably at the bear timer (WTB hunters that can trap) and stumbled a bit on the lynx boss before finally hitting on something that worked. I bet we’ll one shot him next time.

After that, it’s back to Shattrath and/or Ironforge to tie up some loose ends before hitting the hay, which would be good for me as Mondays are particularly vicious in my line of work.

“Doof, can you cut a gem for me?”
“Sure, let me get on the mage.”

*switches characters*

[goodtankiknowinaraidingguild] whispers: Wanna go to ZA? Need one more good DPS to fill out.


*looks wistfully at bed*

*looks wistfully at boss loot tables*

*thinks again*

To [goodtankiknowinaraidingguild]: Okay.

That was another two and a half hours in there. And we didn’t even get Halazzi down. But it was fun, I’d only been in there on Sherm once before and that was before we figured out that what I need to do on Doofy in the eagle gauntlet is tank all the birds with Consecration while still healing. I wasn’t first in damage, but I had the top dps for the entire run. Hit rating wins. Sleep can come later.

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4 Comments on “Nerf sleep!”

  1. Pike Says:

    Haha, yeah, there have definitely been some days where I’ve sacrificed sleep for huntar lewts. I can’t help myself.

  2. rofl. that is something. i have never done a raid except MC and ZG so i hope that the 70 instances will be better. but i need to pick a spec to stay….. either ret/prot/holy

  3. gt Says:

    Call me nuts… but wouldn’t that be “buff sleep” so sleep is more powerful and therefore you need less of it? 😀

  4. Angry Raider Says:

    A few nights ago we started Karazhan around 9 PM. Our intent was to stop after Curator. Well, we kept going, and we finished clearing it at 4 AM. Ouch. I was useless at work that day.

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