Becoming Patch Guy

I’m pretty sure this happened before patch 2.3 hit and before patch 2.1 as well. I don’t think it happened so much with 2.2 since that was really just voice chat (ewww) and some assorted class changes (aka ZOMG 30 minute greater blessings thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!)

With the release of the 2.4 patch on the PTR and WoW Insider and MMO Champion covering all the details of it and the sexy new hotness it brings, I’ve barely played much WoW in the last two weeks or so. I’ve pretty much only logged on when someone has told me that a Karazhan or ZA raid is being put together. I just can’t get into my shaman enough to get him to 70 yet and the urge to roll something new hasn’t struck me lately.

My two primary characters need a combined one thing from Karazhan, and about three or four things total from ZA (of what is available from the bear, eagle and lynx bosses. We’re still slamming our heads at the wall against dragonhawk). Any further upgrades for gear require 25 man raids, of which Shuffle is currently stuck recruiting enough solid members to even take on Gruul on a regular basis. (Though we’re joking that we’re going straight to Hyjal as soon as the patch is released.)

The old daily grind is boring now. I look wistfully at the PTR changes and more info on the Shattered Sun Offensive dailies and how they need to be done in order for the top end guilds to waltz in and say hello to Kil’jaden and think it’s awesome. More purples, more patterns, it’s all new and exciting and…sigh.

So yeah, I’ve become Patch Guy. More interested in the shiny, new upcoming content than the old, busted WoW we’ve got now. It’s better this way anyway, as (spoiler alert!) there’s a major life change coming soon that is going to savagely limit my WoW access anyway.

Until then, watch me tank the Moroes trash with a well placed Holy Wrath.

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One Comment on “Becoming Patch Guy”

  1. heh, everyone is like that my friend. But seeing as I am not yet 70 yet i am more worried about the old stuff then the new. I look foward to doing Shattered Sun Offensive.I mean even the name sounds cool. And it is about time holy got buffed,

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