Welfare epics exist

WoW Insider’s Forum Post of the Day dealt with a General Boards post that the idea that the term “welfare epics” is elitist and that there is no such thing.

This is wrong, there are certainly such a thing as welfare epics.

I’m sorry, those shiny purples that you got from playing matches in the arena are, indeed, welfare epics. My reasoning?

The arena system rewards failure.

Pay for an arena charter. Sit through interminably long queues long enough to play 10 games. Even if you get savagely eviscerated in those 10 games and lose them all without even killing a single opponent (or to the furthest extreme, do a single point of damage or healing), within a few weeks, you will be able to get a piece of gear that is the equivalent of Tier 5 or beyond.

Unless I’m mistaken, Kael’thas Sunstrider, Lady Vashj, and hell, even good ol’ Attumen the Huntsman aren’t going to go “well, gee, you made some good attempts there, here, have some epics” if you can’t kill them.

The arena system ignore skill and rewards failure. Something for nothing, I would argue, is welfare. You’re given epics. Thus, welfare epics. (Aside: It would totally be amusing if arena gear was blue, because “welfare rares” rhymes.)

My extra frustration from this is the old adage “gear does not equal skill.” More than once, I’ve raided with a DPS class decked out in S2 and S3 arena gear. They outgeared everyone in the raid easily. And then rocked an embarassing ~500 DPS, coming in 4th-5th in damage. But they sure had plenty of hit points.

The welfare epics worn by this player did not lead them to believe that there was any sort of problem, especially when they gladly passed on some drops designed for their class, though it had some badly needed hit rating in exchange for some stamina and a couple of points in other stats.

Sure, skilled players decked out in S2 and S3 arena gear should be able to absolutely clobber all the 25 mans through Kael’thas. But many people seem to forget that once you have eventually saved up those arena points to purchase epics play skill is still not included.

This isn’t QQing that such-and-such player is better geared for me. Sherm does not have a single PVP/arena item and has lead dps meters in both Karazhan and ZA. The problem comes from those who believe that they’re the ultimate PVE endgame pieces and that they make up for bad play. It’s happening more than you think.

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3 Comments on “Welfare epics exist”

  1. Galoheart Says:

    I don’t PvP and don’t have much interest in it. I’ve always has mixed feelings not on PvP the game, however have had mixed feelings with the PvP Reward System as it exist that reward some players for a undeserving effort. Some player trully PvP and play that part of the game. Some others PvP just for the gear because win or loose you get rewarded. I guess at that point is where the mixed feelings of Welfare rewarding comes into play.

    I just run Heroics full time for Badges. No dead boss, no badges. No badges, can’t buy no gear. One can say but you cleared the trash to the boss do you get anything for all that hard work in the instance? No dead Boss, no Badges gained, thus cant buy and get no gear. That’s how Heroics work vs PvP and some the players there that get rewarded whether they try or not. So I run Heroics as well as raid Kara. But I spend lots of time PuGing Heroics for the badges and the gear. For each piece of gear I earn there I earned it straight fair and square as the boss sure didn’t bend over and hand it to me. I took my badge from his dead corpse. Ask me if I have mixed feeling on the reward system in PvP….. Yeap.

  2. K Says:

    Bleh. I know exactly how you feel. Gear does NOT equal skill. The same goes for the other way around.

    My druid tank, though she’s in mixed blues/greens, is able to tank any regular instance (not heroics, not raids). (The other day, some maroon passed on grouping with us in Slabs because I was tanking in my mixed blue/green gear. We replaced him. No wipes. No deaths except the usual — someone dying during Blackheart, the mage dying during the AoE skellies, the rogue running up to give the healer a hug after Murmur dies even though the healer is the bomb. Which was rather funny, actually…)

    Gear =/= skill. Welfare epics do exist. Don’t assume either that if it’s not Arena gear, the person behind the character has skill. I’ve seen people who don’t deserve to be in Karazhan and beyond in those places, getting gear they don’t deserve.

  3. Artiron Says:

    I hardly play any instance or raid because I have a family and I cant sit through an instance or worst a raid for an hour or more. Kara will required at least 3 hours continueous play. So, for player like me, my choice of getting an epic will be through PvP. I tried to avoid WSG because sometime it can last for 45 mins to 1 hour. Even that I can just quit the BG and there will always be someone there to replace me. I wont feel so bad as compares to leaving an instance where the entire group has to wait for an replacement.

    If based on the anti-welfare-epic theory then those who dont go raid or heroic instance should not be entitled to an epic? You mean we should just settled for blue items or get our professional skill up to make ourselves epic items? I thanks Blizzard for allowing players like me to gain some epic items and not so narrow minded as just to reward raiders. Whether you like it or not, we have to earn it. I spent 3 months to get my full S1 epic. And to get one S2 or S3 item, I have to go thru at least a month of arena. One month to get an epic item, and you call that welfare? I know of player went thru ONE Kara and get 3 epic items. I personally went through one Kara and get 2 epic items. To me, that should be more welfare than the PvP gears!

    Gear =/= skill? What skill are we talking about? Ability to raid is skill and ability to play BG or arena is not skill? Those who just play raid and no PvP experience should think twice before you post.

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