AFKing in RL

This is the entry I knew I’d have to write eventually when I started this blog just over two months ago, I just wasn’t quite sure when I’d have to write it. I really hate to mix real life and my WoW life, but the situation calls for it, so here goes.

Tomorrow, I’ll be closing on a condominium, which, by the way, is totally a real life “Ding!” moment, along with getting your driver’s license, high school and college graduations, getting married and what not. (Alternately, maybe buying property is the equivalent of getting your epic flyer. If your 5,000 gold mount came with mortgage payments.)

For multiple reasons, mostly financial, this is the temporary end of my World of Warcraft career. Completely unnecessary details follow.

WoW went from interesting curiosity (I’d only been playing a few weeks) to all-consuming entity (rolled Doofy and got him to 60) two summers ago when I lived out of a hotel room for four months because of my job. It was with my trusty and then only two-year-old laptop. Kudos to Blizzard for letting WoW run on average to below-average computer specs. It ran, barely. Graphic settings were turned way down and peak nights in Ironforge were not very fun. If I wanted to Thottbot something, I’d minimize, get up and stretch for a couple minutes, and maybe I’d be able to open Firefox when I got back.

Upon finishing my work on location, plans to return to my previous living arrangement fell through and I moved back in with the ‘rents. WoW immediately got installed on the house desktop, and it was like discovering the game all over again. Lots of little things I never noticed before. And hey, I can Alt-Tab out in seconds! I couldn’t run the uninstaller on the laptop fast enough.

So, now that I’m being thrown out striking out on my own, I’m back to the old, now really crappy, three-and-a-half year old laptop. It’s still good for web surfing, iTunes and writing (in fact, I’m writing this on it right now), but I can’t go back to playing WoW on it. I think putting the Burning Crusade install disc in the CD drive would make the thing cry itself to sleep mode (note: joke totally stolen from those “Get a Mac” ads.)

So yeah, I’m just a little bit spoiled in having a decent computer available to play WoW on. And since I’m about to complete a major purchase and am so completely convinced I won’t be able to afford things like food anymore, a new computer just isn’t in the cards at the moment. Sometime early next month, my account will expire and that will be that for the time being.

Keep in mind I never said anything about not blogging anymore, though. I’ll still be here and there commenting when I see fit and seeing if I can ever come close to duplicating my two most popular entries. While I previously mentioned that I was a little bored and had nothing much to accomplish right now, as patch 2.4 gets closer I know I’ll miss WoW more and more and am aiming to be back as soon as I can.

So that’s all there is for now. AFKing in real life. It’s the thing that’s got me the most sad about this major life moment, but I know Doofy will be bringing the heals again in the not too distant future.

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5 Comments on “AFKing in RL”

  1. Minsom Says:

    Really sorry to hear that mate, I know where you stand, I just bought a house last year and I thought me and my wife would be eating 2 Minute noodles out of old chinese takaway containers, but with a sound budget and prioritising etc you coul get back into WOW sooner then later. I also found that, things like blowing $200-$300 on a weekend drinking binge was cut back severily to mayb once a month, and WOW was the most cheapest form of entertainment me and the missus had around. The whole thing about computers is that they are a depreciating asset, you could get away with doing a “Novated lease” on a nice desk top and claim part of those expense back as a work expense (probably have to look at your local tax laws, might be some differences to you guys compared to Australia). Big GRATS on the house ding!! Property is a good market to get into, it will pay off in the long run..

    Imagine if we could buy houses in WOW, the same way you can in the game!!! Here I come cyber realestate!!!

  2. Galoheart Says:

    Its ok to go AfK in RL. We all have to sometimes and at somepoint. Hopefully you will get back to WoW at some point.

    Overall WoW is my cheapest form of entertainment. It cost me less than one day at the movies on almost any weekend.

  3. gt Says:

    Grats on the housing! That is as Epic as RL gets in terms of loot. Don’t worry the game will still be there when you get back and Maybe with less crappy Holy Shock.

  4. bunnyfer Says:

    I use WoW as cheap entertainement too. I only go to movies when its something REALLY big I want to see, so I save a lot there. I also do not have a lot of extra income going out to things, so WoW is my entertainment.

    As for a computer, check pawn shops and places like that. You would be surprised how nice systems are for cheap there at times.

  5. Radu Says:

    Grats on the house, I have 3 now and same as you I allways feel like I cant afford food. But like the others have said WOW is a cheap form of entertainment and I wouldnt trade it.
    I’m in Aus and Pc’s are usually a little dearer to pickup here but I have 2, a good new one I use and my old one that the missus uses. The old one is 4 years old now but with a few cheap upgrades it still runs WOW without a problem.

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