2 Comments on “WTB more Karazhans!”

  1. Firelight Says:

    I agree totally with you. Kara is the UBRS(But much much bigger) of TBC. I think its inevitable that blizz will make more 10 mans – they love them i think – hense Kara and Zul’Aman. (Both of which push guilds to the limits until you’re geared then become quite easy.

    Kara for example – in the start it was hard work. Now our guild clear the place in 3.5 hours.

  2. Nibuca Says:

    The think I liked best about 5-mans.. is that there are 12 of them to choose from. It does lead to dilution of the field.. but it at least gives you some variety so you’re not just running Shattered Halls over and over and over again.. you can intersperse Steamvaults and Mech in there.

    At the Kara level there’s only Kara.. and then more Kara.. and then more Kara. You really can’t start ZA until you’re totally done with Kara. So you’re stuck.. week after week.. clearing Kara. The same bosses.. the same strats. Yawn.

    I want.. at least
    5-10 progressivly harder 5-mans
    then 3-5 equivalently hard 10-mans that are at the same level as 1-2 of the “really hard 5-mans
    Then 3-5 equivalently hard 25-mans that are at the same level as 1-2 “really hard” 10-mans.



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