Blessing of Freedom

So, it’s been nearly two weeks since my account has expired and it’s been weird. Not that I was logging in much as of late, anyway (either only to go do Karazhan or just for the sake of logging in, something I vowed I wouldn’t do).

Since the recurring theme as of late has been that I was rather bored with WoW, I don’t quite miss it yet.

For the first time in a year and eleven months, I’m free.

Nobody bugging me to run them through instances.

No, “crap, I gotta go log in and do these stupid dailies.”

No more waiting for a tank while waiting to heal an instance.

No more getting dumber by sitting there and reading Alliance trade chat.

No begging for ports or water on my mage.

The freedom to get home and not have to log in is a refreshing feeling and definitely one I recommend if WoW is your first MMO and you’ve never been a slave to one before and you’re starting to feel a mild bit of burnout.

I haven’t 100% withdrawn from the game during my semi-forced hiatus. I’m still lurking the realm forums (why? I don’t know, Thrall’s is almost as bad as trade chat.), WoW Insider and more than a few of you folks out there (*wave*). And of course, I’m still writing here. I plan to be back at the soonest possible moment. The bug to want to log in will bite again (especially when 2.4 finally hits) and I’ll be back with a vengeance (Doofy 2: Electric Boogaloo!)

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2 Comments on “Blessing of Freedom”

  1. Duck Says:

    I don’t think you’ll want to return mate. I’ve been free longer than you and honestly, Maj has to force me to pop in to even change some guild settings.

    I’m actually more content to sit around doing nothing than I am to log in to speak with people.

  2. Galoheart Says:

    WoW my second MMO. I still at time log in and play my first MMO mostly visiting and catching up with old friends when I just don’t feel like logging into WoW.


    Hey enjoy the time off as you need it. There will be much time to play with WoTLK on the horizon.

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