Doofy’s Podcast Reviews: World of Warcast

Podcast: World of Warcast
Podcasting since: July 2005
Frequency: Sporadic (one episode in January and February of this year, but there were two March episodes about a week apart)

Doofy’s Review: Starman and Renata offer one of the longest running and more entertaining World of Warcraft podcasts out there. For a long time, they provided a very unique perspective; not he said/she said, but Alliance said/Horde said. Starman’s main was a human mage, while Renata’s is an orc warlock. Recently, Starman succumbed to the dark side and rolled a Horde mage due to a lack of endgame options with his Alliance characters.

World of Warcast is not as heavily news driven as other podcasts (though major news and patch notes are frequently mentioned), and tends to be more feature based, which is the show’s big strength. They had a three-episode series on guild management from last summer that was very good. In the most recent episode, Renata explained how, when levelling a draenei alt, she didn’t want to ride an elephant, so she reached Exalted with Darnassus, Ironforge and Stormwind, well before level 40. Now she has her choice of mounts (horse, cat, ram). Fascinating!

In the previous episode, they also began a new feature, Class Roundtables. They talked with some druids they knew (two feral, one resto) to understand why they play their class, what they like about it, how the roles of the classes have changed since the release of the expansion. (When you guys get to the paladin one, I’m totally available!) Again, it’s something different, informative and entertaining, and that’s what sets it apart from the other podcasts.

Production is minimal, a generic guitar rock riff (is this from somewhere? Let me know.) leads into and out of the show and there is no background music. But to me, audio quality (which is great) and production values aren’t as important as long as you can be entertaining during work commutes, and World of Warcast is at the top of the list among WoW podcasts.

Doofy’s Rating:

5 Triptych Shields of the Ancients (out of a possible five)

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