Keep tradition alive!

A change that was allegedly in the works for 2.4.2 (what’s with the extra dot? 2.42 is fine), but didn’t make it onto the PTR was making things like Carrot on a Stick and Riding Crop into enchants for mounts.

This change would suck.


Because it would remove a time-honored tradition of raiding.

In Shuffle’s Karazhan runs, at some point, typically after Attumen has died, a random raid member would say over Vent “Riding Crop Check!” And we’d realize that at least two people (typically our main tank and a random dps) had their Crop equipped instead of a trinket that was actually useful in raiding.
And sometimes, we’d go even further into the raid before this would happen.

It would be very sad if Blizzard took this away from us.

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4 Comments on “Keep tradition alive!”

  1. Angry Raider Says:

    The extra dot in 2.4.2 is because it’s a minor version update to 2.4. So 2.42 would imply that there was a 2.1 through 2.40 inclusive.

    It’s silly, I know. When we get to 2.10, it’ll be comical, since 2.10 == 2.1, mathematically speaking. But since we’re talking about software versions, that number after the dot is ten, not one-oh.

  2. Morane Says:

    Angry has it exactly. It’s not the same as mathematical notation because it’s proniunced two-dot-ten, not two-point-ten which makes no sense.

  3. gt Says:

    2.Fortytwo would be incredibly scary. I would have hoped WoW2 would be out at that point. <.<

  4. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Inflexibility!!

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