Achievements in WoW or Reasons Why I Should Write More

What do I find out today? That come Wrath of the Lich King, there will be achievements in WoW. Why do I need to write more? Because among one of the drafts I started a few months ago, and then never finished since I didn’t feel the idea was fleshed out enough was this thing:


Since I got it for Christmas, I’ve dabbled a bit in various games for the XBox 360. One of the defining features of the system is an individual’s Gamerscore, where points are earned by completing Achievements.

Each game has 1,000 points built into it by completing these Achievements, which are entirely different for each game and can be assigned however the game developer chooses. There are mind-numbingly simple ones (ex. Kill That Guy), and ridiculously esoteric and arcane ones, bordering on the impossible (ex. Kill That Guy By Only Shooting One Bullet And Do It In Sixty Seconds). It adds depth to certain games long after you’ve played through and beaten them, provided all 1,000 don’t come in one playthrough.

And of course, it gives the XBox 360 (note: I have no idea what the end of this sentence was going to be. Oh well.)

How cool would it be if these things were in WoW?


I’m freakin’ psychic.

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