And there would be a Tauren named Badhorse.

Well, it was probably bound to happen eventually since we were never all that organized to begin with anyway, but I was told by a former guildie that Shuffle completely collapsed due to overwhelming lack of interest. Considering getting people together to do anything other than Karazhan was an impossibility, I’m surprised it took this long. Apparently it’s just alts and offline people (including all of my characters), all the active players remaining went off in different directions. We had a good run while it lasted.

Of course, I know the guild I want to start when I eventually come back to WoW (I know I keep saying this and it’s bound to happen one day!): The Evil League of Evil.

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One Comment on “And there would be a Tauren named Badhorse.”

  1. Taconite Says:

    Wow, thats too bad. I ran with some Shuffle folk back when I was with VeA and during the ESA prior to TBC. I always thought Shuffle was a pretty good crew.

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