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Week(s) In Review

August 30, 2008

A brief summary of the things I’ve accomplished since returning to the game.

– Joined a new guild. This was a tough decision to make. Shuffle had been the only guild that I had known ever since Doofy joined it while, like, level 15 in Westfall. And what I came back to was an empty shell of a guild. All the founders and core folks in the guild had basically quit the game. Those who didn’t quit left for other guilds. The only active folks in the guilds were little-used alts and bank leeches (the money ran out months ago, nary a deposit in sight). I ran around guildless on Sherm and Doffy for a few days, when an old acquaintance (whom I thought had left the server and/or WoW) sent me a tell and suggested I join his guild. I looked them up and found a couple more familiar faces in there, so I went ahead an joined Veritas et Aequitas. Good folks, and hopefully we’re going places.
– Upgrades! My hiatus began right before the 2.4 patch, and because I’m awesome, Doofy had 124 badges on him. So I immediately bought the Mexican, non-union, Tier 6 equivalent chestpiece. It is awesome. Like me. Sherm also was near the magic 100 mark and a couple of Karazhan trips and heroic daily quests (I kinda wish it could be Botanica every day) got him the caster chest for improved pewpew.
– Become fabulously rich. Between grinding out Shattered Sun Offensive reputation (exalted on Sherm and Doofy, Doffy is revered) and a lucky drop or two (a green enchanting pattern innocently master looted to me sold for 500g) and my own patented method for selling stuff on the Auction House, I have somehow amassed almost 6,000 gold. This is after nearly going bankrupt buying Jewelcrafting patterns for Sherm and buying Doffy’s flying mount after hittting 70 (see below). I think that money is going to go towards getting Doffy an epic flyer as he could really use it, being an herbalist and all. Sherm does not have a gathering profession, so I think it would be a waste of time for him.
– Gotten Doffy to 70. A couple more instance runs got him so close to 70, and I went and did some quests around Area 52 to finish it out. I did pick up a couple of items in Magister’s Terrace that got my healing to about 1,000 buffed which was good enough to sneak into a Karazhan run where I walked out with 7 epics. It’s a horrible mismatch of leather and cloth with the only mail item being the Tier 4 gloves. I’m not even using a shield! It’s a lot of fun, though, and will get easier as I get more items and badges. My other goal now is to gear him up well enough with an off-spec set to be able to plow through a zone or two of quests in a weekend, to earn even more cash.

Things I haven’t done:

– Used the beta key. I just don’t freaking have time. Where was this a couple of weeks ago, you know? Sigh.

Woo hoo?

August 20, 2008

I got me a beta invite. I think.

I’m sure this is legit, but it looks awfully amateur hour. I was kind of expecting an e-mail to be graphically intensive and this…is not. It doesn’t smack of phishing, no “lolplz e-mail uss your password kthx” and the links go to the proper location.

Of course, I wish I had some freaking time to partake in said beta. I’m back at work after two weeks off which is when I drowned myself back in Azeroth. Now I’m trying to adjust and see if any sort of raiding times fit in my wack-ass work schedule.

I’ll probably fire it up this weekend, though.

And on top of that…

August 15, 2008

I also realized in addition to about another 1,000 gold for the remainder of the jewelcrafting patterns, I also need 1,000 more to buy the title so my mage can be Sherm of the Shattered Sun. Because alliteration is cool.

The Problem With Being A Completist

August 13, 2008

So it took eight days, but I got to Exalted reputation with The Shattered Sun Offensive on Sherm, my mage. I wanted to do this on him first because what’s the biggest thing this faction has to offer in their rep rewards? Jewelcrafting patterns!

I was a smart shopper and did not buy anything at all until reaching Exalted, which happened in the middle of a Heroic Magister’s Terrace trip that ended at Kael’thas at 4 a.m. when I couldn’t stay awake anymore. Anyway, logging on today, I headed to the rep vendor and bought the meta patterns, the haste patterns and the only trinket pattern that would potentially be useful. Then it was off to the epic gem and pattern vendor.

And then it hit me exactly how many of these things there were to buy at 40g a pop. Despite doing dailies every day since I’ve been back, I was out of money when I got to the third page of patterns.

In hindsight, I now regret buying that 22-slot bag.

But such is the life of a completist. If there’s a pattern, I gotta have it. I don’t quite have every rare gem cut either, and it pains me that these are missing from my collection.

Guess we’re doing those dailies for a few more weeks.

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August 12, 2008

So I’ve decided that I need to finally get Doffy, my shaman, to 70. He’s almost all the way there, being 68. He is named Doffy because that happens to be the most common misspelling of Doofy, so when people call Doofy Doffy, I politely inform them that that is my shaman. And vice-versa.

Anyway, he’s been Enhancement all his life, from level 1 to 68. This was the logical spec for him because I already had a level 70 healer and a level 70 ranged DPS, so I needed a level 70 melee DPS.

Doffy was happily Windfurying his way through the 60’s, when the final two levels were just way too much to take. I’ve already done these quests multiple times, I couldn’t stomach some of them a third time. I’d much rather come back to them later when I was uber-geared and do them quickly for cash. Onto the LFG pool we went.

I get a tell in the Sethekk Halls LFG: “can you heal?” (note: “you” may actually have been spelled “u.”)

“Well, gee, I, uh, maybe I think I, uh, um, well, yes.”

*You have been invited to a group.

Oh, sh*t. What have I done?

“Hang on guys, need like five minutes.”

I hearth, haul ass to the Auction House, type in “physician” and buy a full set of mismatching mid-60’s armor. In rushing, I forget to look at neckpieces, cloaks and rings. I hike it to the IF shaman trainer (I could have gone to the Exodar, but man, is that place confusing.), buy a respec (1 gold! Told you I was enhancement all the way) and haphazardly throw talent points into the Restoration tree.

441 healing? Eh, that will do I guess.

I give the group the caveat that I just respecced resto for the first time ever and nobody seems to notice or care. The group gets started and here I am casting Healing Wave, Chain Heal, and completely forgetting to refresh Earth Shield on the tank and Water Shield on myself.

And I’m having the time of my life.

I initially resisted doing this, since I already had a healer, but it’s just so drastically different. Wrath of Air totem is great, Chain Heal is fun when it bounces right and Nature’s Swiftness is incredibly nifty. I’m getting better at remembering Earth Shield, too. I can’t wait to gear him up.

There were a couple of wipes in this Sethekk Halls run, but they weren’t really due to my healing as they were due to mis-pulls. A small handful of Ikiss wipes, since he sucks, but we got him eventually.

Then I went and healed Mana Tombs just for good measure. I’m hooked, and I’m 20% of the way to 70 now.

I’ve also come to the realization that Doffy (when geared a bit better, of course) can heal things Doofy can’t. Having been through heroic Magister’s Terrace a few times on Sherm, I know that as decently geared as Doofy is, I just can’t heal that thing. Especially on every boss after the first one. The entire party takes too much damage, my single target healing everyone just isn’t going to cut it. A Shaman would have a considerably smaller problem with that.

We’re up to 659 healing now, and there’s more to come. Who knew staring at health bars could be so much fun again?

Groups I Don’t Join

August 11, 2008

Since I’ve been back, I’ve joined as many groups as I can for Magister’s Terrace. I seem to be the only one on the server who wants to call it MrT, which is the logical shortcut, but everyone seems to call it MagT. Anyway, I’ve been trying to get into groups for this on both Doofy (normal) and Sherm (normal and heroic, need Shattered Sun Offensive rep for those precious jewelcrafting patterns at extreme discounts). I’ve learned to be selective about the types of groups that I join. Here are things that you’ll find in LFG that I, and you, should avoid to preserve mental health.

– Groups that say “LF2M, just need tank and heals!” Wow, you put 3 DPS together. How’d you manage to pull that one off, since they’re so in demand and all? Good job, genius. This group will usually average 1.5 night elf hunters, by the way. While the DPS may very well be competent, I don’t join these groups on principal. Find a healer or tank first, then worry about your dime a dozen DPS.

– Groups that have any character with a name that has symbols in it. This makes me want to punch somebody in the head. Your name was taken, okay? Be a little more creative with the “Legolas” ripoffs. “Ŕōğűě” is also played out. Seriously.

– Groups with all the members in a battleground and/or on the opposite end of the world from where they need to be. All of these people will be looking for summons and guess who the loser that’s going to have to hike it there is? Oh, and they’ll probably be flagged. Happy ganking!

– Groups containing multiple tanking classes that are looking for a tank. I saw a group in LFG that had two warriors and a druid. They were looking for a tank and a healer. I really, really wish I was kidding.

And I know this will upset the two readers who didn’t abandon me during my hiatus, but it needs to be said: every time a fury or arms warrior joins LFG and asks for a tank, A’dal kills a kitten. Please, somebody think of the kittens?

Avoiding any of the above groups while lurking the LFG channel will ensure happy instance runs and lower repair bills. I hope this was useful.

And now a (thankfully) brief trip into the mind of Doofy…

August 6, 2008

“Let’s see……username, password…”

Last login: March 8, 2008 5:30:02 PM

“Hmm… should really do something about that.”

*Suddenly, Doofy’s brain splits into evil and good halves.*

Good Doofy: “Five months away from the game, that’s, like, eleven in MMO years. Think about how much you missed! It will be exciting!

Evil Doofy: “Yeah, everyone you knew quit the game in that time. Good luck trying to find people to chat and group with, sucker.”

Good Doofy: “You’ve got that game time card sitting right there! Your credit card won’t hate you for at least two months!”

Evil Doofy: “But when you realize in the first five minutes that it sucks, you’re out that game card that you could have eBayed or something.”

Good Doofy: “You even spent three hours installing and patching the game on that BRAND FREAKING NEW COMPUTER YOU JUST BOUGHT.”

Evil Doofy: “You just bought a new computer? Crap, Goody-Two-Shoes over there is right. See ya.”

*Doofy’s brain halves reunite*


That’s right, baby. We’re back.