And now a (thankfully) brief trip into the mind of Doofy…

“Let’s see……username, password…”

Last login: March 8, 2008 5:30:02 PM

“Hmm… should really do something about that.”

*Suddenly, Doofy’s brain splits into evil and good halves.*

Good Doofy: “Five months away from the game, that’s, like, eleven in MMO years. Think about how much you missed! It will be exciting!

Evil Doofy: “Yeah, everyone you knew quit the game in that time. Good luck trying to find people to chat and group with, sucker.”

Good Doofy: “You’ve got that game time card sitting right there! Your credit card won’t hate you for at least two months!”

Evil Doofy: “But when you realize in the first five minutes that it sucks, you’re out that game card that you could have eBayed or something.”

Good Doofy: “You even spent three hours installing and patching the game on that BRAND FREAKING NEW COMPUTER YOU JUST BOUGHT.”

Evil Doofy: “You just bought a new computer? Crap, Goody-Two-Shoes over there is right. See ya.”

*Doofy’s brain halves reunite*


That’s right, baby. We’re back.

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2 Comments on “And now a (thankfully) brief trip into the mind of Doofy…”

  1. zereissen Says:

    lol, nice tags XD

    Welcome back!

  2. Nibuca Says:

    Missed you. WB.

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