Groups I Don’t Join

Since I’ve been back, I’ve joined as many groups as I can for Magister’s Terrace. I seem to be the only one on the server who wants to call it MrT, which is the logical shortcut, but everyone seems to call it MagT. Anyway, I’ve been trying to get into groups for this on both Doofy (normal) and Sherm (normal and heroic, need Shattered Sun Offensive rep for those precious jewelcrafting patterns at extreme discounts). I’ve learned to be selective about the types of groups that I join. Here are things that you’ll find in LFG that I, and you, should avoid to preserve mental health.

– Groups that say “LF2M, just need tank and heals!” Wow, you put 3 DPS together. How’d you manage to pull that one off, since they’re so in demand and all? Good job, genius. This group will usually average 1.5 night elf hunters, by the way. While the DPS may very well be competent, I don’t join these groups on principal. Find a healer or tank first, then worry about your dime a dozen DPS.

– Groups that have any character with a name that has symbols in it. This makes me want to punch somebody in the head. Your name was taken, okay? Be a little more creative with the “Legolas” ripoffs. “Ŕōğűě” is also played out. Seriously.

– Groups with all the members in a battleground and/or on the opposite end of the world from where they need to be. All of these people will be looking for summons and guess who the loser that’s going to have to hike it there is? Oh, and they’ll probably be flagged. Happy ganking!

– Groups containing multiple tanking classes that are looking for a tank. I saw a group in LFG that had two warriors and a druid. They were looking for a tank and a healer. I really, really wish I was kidding.

And I know this will upset the two readers who didn’t abandon me during my hiatus, but it needs to be said: every time a fury or arms warrior joins LFG and asks for a tank, A’dal kills a kitten. Please, somebody think of the kittens?

Avoiding any of the above groups while lurking the LFG channel will ensure happy instance runs and lower repair bills. I hope this was useful.

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9 Comments on “Groups I Don’t Join”

  1. honorshammer Says:

    LF1M Healer HMgT (which is how Heroic Magister’s Terrace is abbreviated on Altar of Storms).

    Group consisted of Feral Druid, Prot Paladin, Shadow Priest, Enhancement Shaman. I’m not kidding.

  2. Pike Says:

    A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away?) I told my boyfriend, “every time a fury or arms warrior joins LFG and asks for a tank, God disenchants a Sun Eater.” We tried to use that phrase to our advantage when our guild’s main tank, who spent weeeeeks farming Heroic Mech for that thing to drop, decided to spec Fury for a while. Finally he spec’d back =P We are horrible!

  3. Tavore Says:

    Having done normal MgT with a guild run of warrior tank/mage/rogue/lock and me (resto shammy) and wipe, wipe, wipe (due to people goofing around because “it is only normal”), I would never ever ever pug that thing.

    And as for HMgT? No thanks, I’ll rather go and play with Archimonde for a few hours, much less pain.

    The scariest thing is the number of tanks who are completely burnt out from tanking and just don’t want to do it any longer. I log onto my feral druid (farming toon) and the whispers never stop “Please tank xxxx”. Even our guild tanks don’t want to do heroics any longer (mind you, who does?) and spend their time on dps toons.

  4. Bunnyfer Says:

    I go crazy with DPS warriors…It seems that is all that is on my server…makes me want to strangle someone…Whats even worse, is the ones who TRY to tank…to me that is instant fail, and I usually ALT-F4 and log into my alts..LOL

  5. gnomeaggedon Says:

    I find as soon as I log on I am getting the please come sheep whispers… what none of them ever bother to tell me is that they are part way through it…. Yet whenever I am looking for a group, I can’t get the numbers… so I don’t bother any more, and politely turn down all offers.

  6. Morane Says:

    Are you saying that warriors shouldn’t spec arms or fury? or that arms/fury specc’d warriors shouldn’t join groups?

  7. doofythepaladin Says:

    No, Morane. I’m saying that arms and fury warriors shouldn’t join LFG and then spend up to an hour begging for a tank, when the obvious solution is right there. Carry some quest/dungeon blues, get some crafted items, keep a set of backup gear for when you need to tank. And if the fury/arms warrior doesn’t like that answer, they should roll a different class.

  8. Taconite Says:

    What I hate are running with classes that can heal which spec for DPS then completely forget that they have healing spells. Yeah, I know that your +healing sucks compared to the main healer, but on several bosses the main healer can often use a hand (last boss in Heroic Sethekk) after a large amount of AOE or damage to help keep the group up.

    Oh, BTW, welcome back Doofy/Doffy 🙂

  9. Joenutz Says:

    Joenutz joins /LFG 🙂

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