Word life, this is basic economics.

I don’t mean to brag*, but 90% of the items I put up for auction sell, and I never use add-ons to help me with this. Why do I clean up whenever I put stuff up on the Auction House? Because I just sell it for the lowest price.

I mean, seriously, it’s pretty basic economics, people. I see too many slaves to things like Auctioneer who sell stuff like primals, enchanting mats and ore at ridiculous prices, while I just search for the item, see what the cheapest price is, and undercut it for a gold or two. Ever wonder why Wal-Mart sells so much stuff? ‘Cause it’s cheaper than the other guys.

A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to sell off some of the Primal Mights I had made since I didn’t have any pressing need for them. Searching them up, there were many up in the 140-150 gold range, with a couple being sold for 130 gold. I listed six for 125 gold each and five sold. Just for fun, I wrote down the names of the people selling the mights for higher. One guy was selling five of them at 145. By the time almost all of mine sold, they had clearly been relisted for the same price. (And there were still a few available at a cheaper price.)

Why would you do this? I do not get the logic here at all. I made a ton of money, and this guy is still waiting for his, clearly because he’s just listing it for what his add-on is telling him.

I just don’t get it why someone would do this. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my second epic flying mount. It’s so much easier to herb on Doffy this way now.

* No, wait, I totally do.

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2 Comments on “Word life, this is basic economics.”

  1. Trollin' Says:

    Actually, Walmart isn’t cheaper than other places. At least, not around here. I work at Walmart and even with my 10% off, almost all food and a lot of games and toys are cheaper at Publix/Target/BestBuy.

  2. Taconite Says:

    The only problem with your analogy if taken to its extreme is that if everyone under cut everyone else, eventually, your mights would only be selling for a few silver. 😉

    While I use auctioneer, I only put things onto the AH if there are not a ton of them up there. For example, I make a killing on Fishsticks as raiding healers love em, but if I see a ton of them on the AH, I wait a day or two to post the auctions. In the past, I have been quite sucessful in manipulating the AH and markets for mats. I used to inflate the price of Light, Medium and Heavy Leather as well as I have been sucessful in STV page quest turn ins.

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