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October 17, 2008

Three things

1) I’ve fallen behind on the blogroll. If you’re linking me and I am not returning the favor, please please comment or e-mail me and I will fix that. I’m a bad paladin.

2) I forgot to mention that I’m in a new guild. I really liked a lot of the people in Veritas et Aequitas, but a few members of the guild were not satisfied with what was going on. I loved all the people in there, but a better opportunity has presented itself in the form of Brade Frurry. We’re going to go places in Wrath.

3) A comment by Dann has let me know of an additional problem that has arisen as a result of 3.02. I can’t say I’m explaining why you’re getting Salvation…when there is no more Salvation. I’ll probably never remember to use the new Hand of Salvation. So now my tagline is outdated. Any suggestions?

L2P Noob, Part the First

October 17, 2008

Two legit “lol lrn2play noob” moments tonight.

The first is about that reinstall I was doing. I installed the 3.02 patch late Tuesday morning and then left for work for the day. During my reinstall earlier tonight, I forgot that there was a message that the location of the World of Warcraft folder on my computer was moving. The reinstall was probably not necessary. I think.

The second is that I’ve always been in the habit of immediately refreshing my Seal of (almost always) Righteousness after a Judgement. I discovered tonight during a savage destruction of Karazhan that you keep the buff for the full 2 minutes even after you judge. That freaking rocks. I just need to rewire my brain to not automatically hit Righetousness again.

Early 3.02 Thoughts While WoW Reinstalls

October 16, 2008

I had some wonkiness last night trying to get some addons working again and attempting to log back on resulted in the Launcher breaking so I am presently reinstalling WoW as I twitch constantly. I separately downloaded the 3.0 patches before leaving for work so hopefully I’m up and running shortly, but here’s some thoughts on what I’ve witnessed.

1. The Nerf factory is probably working overtime for the hit Retribution is going to take. Seriously, it’s disturbing now and should the dps that can be output should not be possible. I’m all for just about any spec that isn’t talent points assigned randomly being viable, but the Paladin is a hybrid class that can tank and heal. Having Ret be leetsauce DPS will cause more players to choose that spec, thus reducing the available number of healers and tanks, which we’re generally short on already. And no, Death Knights will not fix the problem. Yes, you heard me.

1a. I am happy that my Holy dps appears to have gone up as splash damage. Maybe leveling to 80 won’t suck. I’m not used to the new Judgement system yet, and it’s going to take a bit to get used to not judging Crusader as my opening salvo.

2. Oh, poor Sherm’s awesome 40/0/21 Arcane/Frost spec is deadder than dead. The talent that truly makes it work (Spell Power) is way too deep in the Arcane tree. I went into the new mage talents blind and attempting to rework the spec was a total disaster. I need to pay for a respec, but for now Sherm is on the shelf short of any tailoring or jewelcrafting that needs to be done. I’m tempted to go full arcane, and I know it might be insane, but I just can’t bring myself to putting any points into fire.

3. Resto shamans took a big ride on the buff train. The spec is still 0/5/Everything Else, and there just aren’t enough talent points to get everything you want right now, there’s that much good stuff there. Love the new Earthliving Weapon, more than makes up for changing Wrath of Air totem to haste, which is nice. There is something so very wrong about Nathrezim Mindblade becoming my healing weapon, though.

4. We killed Gruul last night in about two minutes on his fourth Growth. I really feel bad for him. Seriously. It wasn’t even fair. No wonder they took the bear mounts and title quests away. And now I’m looking forward to 2 hour Karazhan clears.

5. Achievements. Are. Awesome. It’s like they took crack and somehow made it more addictive. Seriously, folks, you can really never be bored with World of Warcraft again. Just open up the Achievement screen and you’ll find something that you’re near. It’s a never ending supply of carrots. Really.

6. “Basic reading ability is required to fully enjoy this game.” I read that on the back of a GBA Polemon game once and I really think it should be applied to every single game and especially World of Warcraft. It was my mantra in trade chat during all the insanity Tuesday night, after every OMG MY MOUNT AND PETS ARE GONE WTF?!?!?111!

Grand Theft Kodo

October 4, 2008

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

It’s Friday night, October 3rd. Lazy Friday, nobody around much at 11:30 or so.  I’m on Sherm, attempting to PuG my way into someone else’s Karazhan trip. Someone in the guild wonders aloud if there’s enough folks to give it a go at Coren Direbrew, the Brewfest boss.

We’ve got a tank willing to try, and someone else wants to heal it to try and snag the caster trinkets (which by the way, become pretty much identical when the +damage/+healing stat becomes spellpower). I snag a dps spot, inexplicably not having done this event during the entire holiday.

Someone’s got a remote (I have one on Doffy, I’m glad it’s not going away as I will often use it at hilarious moments, especially during raids. If you’re in the middle of Karazhan and you suddenly find yourself in BRD, that’s a f*cking 50 DKP minus.) so we meet in Shattrath and head on over. We all grab the daily, and the first person starts the event. He goes down smoothly, our healer gets his Direbrew Hops and we start it again. Attempt number two is equally as smooth. This is about 11:58, by the way.

We loot, and it’s one of the Brewmaiden trinkets and…and…a Great Brewfest Kodo.

Everyone immediately freaks out and after a short discussion, everyone rolls need (lolninja!).

And I, the king of bad rolls at important moments, win. I feel bad. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want it (and I’m totally not a mount whore), but I would much rather have seen it go to someone else in the guild.

The rest of the need/greed/pass selections are made on the trinket. And then the corpse disappears. We don’t notice that nobody has won the item until we stand in the Grim Guzzler for about 30 seconds waiting for the respawn to occur.

And we’re still waiting. Someone then realizes that it’s now past midnight server time. It’s October 4th. Brewfest is over. Coren Direbrew is not coming back. Until next year, anyway.

Now I feel really bad. Great. Thanks, Blizzard.

Yes, what I like to think is the final Kodo that dropped on the Thrall server (or perhaps in the entire game) dropped at 11:59 p.m. on October 3, 2008. And I won it.

Gnome on a kodo = win.

Gnome on a kodo = win.