Early 3.02 Thoughts While WoW Reinstalls

I had some wonkiness last night trying to get some addons working again and attempting to log back on resulted in the Launcher breaking so I am presently reinstalling WoW as I twitch constantly. I separately downloaded the 3.0 patches before leaving for work so hopefully I’m up and running shortly, but here’s some thoughts on what I’ve witnessed.

1. The Nerf factory is probably working overtime for the hit Retribution is going to take. Seriously, it’s disturbing now and should the dps that can be output should not be possible. I’m all for just about any spec that isn’t talent points assigned randomly being viable, but the Paladin is a hybrid class that can tank and heal. Having Ret be leetsauce DPS will cause more players to choose that spec, thus reducing the available number of healers and tanks, which we’re generally short on already. And no, Death Knights will not fix the problem. Yes, you heard me.

1a. I am happy that my Holy dps appears to have gone up as splash damage. Maybe leveling to 80 won’t suck. I’m not used to the new Judgement system yet, and it’s going to take a bit to get used to not judging Crusader as my opening salvo.

2. Oh, poor Sherm’s awesome 40/0/21 Arcane/Frost spec is deadder than dead. The talent that truly makes it work (Spell Power) is way too deep in the Arcane tree. I went into the new mage talents blind and attempting to rework the spec was a total disaster. I need to pay for a respec, but for now Sherm is on the shelf short of any tailoring or jewelcrafting that needs to be done. I’m tempted to go full arcane, and I know it might be insane, but I just can’t bring myself to putting any points into fire.

3. Resto shamans took a big ride on the buff train. The spec is still 0/5/Everything Else, and there just aren’t enough talent points to get everything you want right now, there’s that much good stuff there. Love the new Earthliving Weapon, more than makes up for changing Wrath of Air totem to haste, which is nice. There is something so very wrong about Nathrezim Mindblade becoming my healing weapon, though.

4. We killed Gruul last night in about two minutes on his fourth Growth. I really feel bad for him. Seriously. It wasn’t even fair. No wonder they took the bear mounts and title quests away. And now I’m looking forward to 2 hour Karazhan clears.

5. Achievements. Are. Awesome. It’s like they took crack and somehow made it more addictive. Seriously, folks, you can really never be bored with World of Warcraft again. Just open up the Achievement screen and you’ll find something that you’re near. It’s a never ending supply of carrots. Really.

6. “Basic reading ability is required to fully enjoy this game.” I read that on the back of a GBA Polemon game once and I really think it should be applied to every single game and especially World of Warcraft. It was my mantra in trade chat during all the insanity Tuesday night, after every OMG MY MOUNT AND PETS ARE GONE WTF?!?!?111!

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One Comment on “Early 3.02 Thoughts While WoW Reinstalls”

  1. Gwaendar Says:

    Having Ret be leetsauce DPS will cause more players to choose that spec, thus reducing the available number of healers and tanks, which we’re generally short on already.

    Dear god, that reminds me of the exact same kind of discussions held when patch 2.0.1 hit, the last time Ret was good in the game. Back in these days, before tankadins were recognized as viable, it came mostly from the cleric camp.

    I disagree fundamentally with what you seem to imply, that nerfing Ret is a good thing in order to desincentivize the spec in the favour of holy and prot.

    The sane approach would be the other way around, to actually work more on holy (can’t really comment on the new prot but it seems to please everyone) to make it more fun to play. After the nerf to infusion of light and the end of downranking, the class is pretty much back to being a one-trick pony, in a function which spends most of any instance watching healthbars (instead of the surroundings) and spamming FoL over and over. Is holy good for soloing now? With green & blue quest gear? I don’t know, but I for sure don’t plan to find out.

    Fixing holy to make it more fun to play would go a long way, instead of nerfing Ret within days of the next pre-expansion patch. But then, this same kind of tension has splintered the entire class for years, making any kind of concerted action (like the one the droods put up against a lifebloom nerf or the locks against life tap pre 2.3) more difficult.

    Make holy fun and stop nerfing Ret should be a mantra every single paladin should repeat in a chorus. I suspect, though, that the dual spec option in 3.1 will be used to toss the entire issue under a rug – every paladin will be able to switch to FoL-bot at the drop of a hat, and those who don’t will lose their raid spots. And nobody will ever talk about holy’s fundamentally unfun design ever again.

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