L2P Noob, Part the First

Two legit “lol lrn2play noob” moments tonight.

The first is about that reinstall I was doing. I installed the 3.02 patch late Tuesday morning and then left for work for the day. During my reinstall earlier tonight, I forgot that there was a message that the location of the World of Warcraft folder on my computer was moving. The reinstall was probably not necessary. I think.

The second is that I’ve always been in the habit of immediately refreshing my Seal of (almost always) Righteousness after a Judgement. I discovered tonight during a savage destruction of Karazhan that you keep the buff for the full 2 minutes even after you judge. That freaking rocks. I just need to rewire my brain to not automatically hit Righetousness again.

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3 Comments on “L2P Noob, Part the First”

  1. Ryukyu Says:

    Yeah that seal thing is really funky to get used to! I have my fingers trained to do a sequence where as soon as I judge, seal is back up. Its hard to break after years of doing it that way. I actually had to swap my seal with CS, that way if i accidently try to mash my old seal key, I either run into the GCD or smash someones face.

  2. Dann Says:

    The way I tackled this problem is by switching Where SoR used to live with on my actionbars with HotR, & just put SoR somewhere easily accessable but not spammable 😉

    Btw you need to edit your blog description, unless you think you need salv now? 😉

  3. […] A comment by Dann has let me know of an additional problem that has arisen as a result of 3.02. I can’t […]

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