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20 Hours (or more) In Northrend

November 15, 2008

Rather than bore you with stuff here, I finally used the Twitter account I signed up for ages ago and had some sporadic updates during my inital sessions with Wrath.

Also, go ahead and follow if you want, I’ll be sure to return the favor.

Everything Must Go!

November 11, 2008

In the final days pre-Wrath, the time has come to face the biggest boss of all, one that hasn’t been nerfed in the slightest.

My savage lack of bag and bank space.

I’m a horrible, horrible packrat. It doesn’t matter what size bags they make, I’m always out of damn space. With Wrath nearing, I was determined to get it down to reasonable levels and make some money while I’m at it.

I sold all the ore Doofy had been stockpiling two weekends ago, of course offering the lowest prices around. The price of Adamantite Ore had been surprisingly steady throughout the life of BC. Fel Iron had gotten dirt cheap, though. I also parted ways with my Khorium supply, which had been building up pretty much since I hit 375 Mining. Never seemed to find much of a use for it. All told, I earned about 250g off of that.

This weekend, looking at Sherm (who I haven’t done anything of note on since 3.02 in silent protest), his gem bag was full to bursting. So I cleared that out too, offering blowout prices on cut gems, such as a dozen Solid Star of Elune, Living Rubies of multiple varities and Potent Noble Tobaz. Combined with offering the cheapest prices on the stacks of green gems I still had, that was over 300g just off of gems.

And the cloth, holy crap, the cloth! Netherweave Bags for everyone! I swear I’ve made about 30 in the last two weeks and that was another couple hundred gold. I even was able to get a few Imbued Netherweave Bags mixed in there, and they always sell very very well.

While Doofy will always have his couple of bank bags filled with old world quest items and six pieces of Tier 0.5 which I will part with over my dead body, I managed to consolidate or otherwise get rid of various other items such as potions, elixirs, flasks, cooking materials (WTB Stormchops recipe) and miscellaneous rep items. Doofy (who will get 80 first, since how can I have a blog called Doofy the Paladin and not do that?) should have a good fifty slots to play with going into Northrend, and that doesn’t even count my cleaned out mining bag. (Note to self: Stop leaving your mining pick in the bank, you noob) And for me, that’s a lot.

How did everyone else’s fall cleaning go?