I don’t normally update in the middle of a raid…


Heigan the Unclean. I won’t go into any details about the fight, WoWWiki or Wowhead it.

I just three manned the last 50%. And two manned the last 12%. It was me, a prot paladin and a shadow priest. And just two paladins at the end.

I can’t just, no, I’m at a complete loss for words. That was just…oh my god.  The fight took 27 minutes.

I’m still shaking.

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4 Comments on “I don’t normally update in the middle of a raid…”

  1. Elson Says:

    Epic, prot, dps!

  2. Am I allowed a “lern2dance”? >_>;

  3. Pike Says:

    There is a story kicking around my group of friends, about how the very first time they did Wizard of Oz in Karazhan they wound up doing the entire second half with a prot warrior, a holy paladin, and a hunter. Took like 30 minutes. Gosh I wish I’d been there to see it.

  4. […] of the (last) Week In my hyperventilating post last week in the aftermath of completing that Heigan fight, I forgot to mention that completely entirely […]

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