A Doofy Year

I just now decided to check when exactly I made my first entry and it happened to be made on 12/12/07, which means this blog is now one year old. Hooray!

I see 14,187 hits in a year, which is 14,185 more than I expected to ever get. I never came close to topping this as the best thing I’ve ever written (2,333 hits!) and that is rapidly approaching one year old as well. I thank all my commenters and linkers (if I’m not linking you back, please let me know!) I also thank you guys for sticking with me during my forced hiatus from WoW. The new place is doing well, though I really, really miss my money.

It’s been a Doofy 2008. Here’s to 2009 being even…um, Doofier.

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5 Comments on “A Doofy Year”

  1. Pike Says:

    And I still say that sit-in post is one of the funniest things I’ve read on the internet… ever.

    Grats to you on one year, Doofy ❤

  2. Grats on your Blog-a-versary!

  3. Dann Says:

    haha that Sit-in is epic!

    Happy Blog-day Doofy!


  4. Taconite Says:

    Glad to see you posting again Doofy 🙂

  5. Cait Says:

    I remember the sit-in! One year strong and may another year fly by!

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