March Sadness

The last four days are probably my favorite time of year. It’s the NCAA college basketball tournament, where 64 teams battle in a single elimination tournament to determine that year’s champion. The true highlight is the first round, when 32 games are played in two days. It’s an insane amount of basketball jammed into ~12 hours on Thursday and Friday.

It’s a heck of a lot more exciting than what’s going on in WoW at the moment.

While we wait for Ulduar to get datamined and farmed to hell on the PTR so that it’s a faceroll on day one (and it will be, trust me), Brade Frurry progression has stormed to a halt. Three weeks ago we finally got Sartharion with two drakes down. Two weeks ago we one shot it. We wanted to try three drakes this week and found that 18 people signed up. Two drakes was a disaster with that number but we managed to get one. We’ve got the Dedicated Few achievement in heroic Naxxramas and it’s certainly not because we were shooting for it. That was all we could manage.

We’ve had a couple of unfortunate RL issues that prevented some people from attending raids and that’s fine. But there’s also a rather large “I’m geared up, see ya next patch!” mentality that hit a couple of members. It’s frustrating for those who want to raid that we either have to do less than we planned or, worse, dive into the PuG pool to fill the raid. I was running Friday Night Naxx 10 for alts and the bored and I used to have to kick DPS out. Last week I could only manage 8 signups. I didn’t do it this week and decided to watch basketball instead. It’ll probably return come Ulduar since we’re heading straight into 25s.

Blizzard has seriously dropped the ball on endgame here by providing so few raids to do and also making them too easy. I’ve never seen such massive content burnout before and I’m nearing three years since I started up my first toon (ye gods). We’re not finished with our progression (yet) and some folks have seen it okay to just stop showing up without any notice. They’ll probably be back and ready to rock the day 3.1 goes live which hardly seems fair. Have other guilds dealt with this?

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5 Comments on “March Sadness”

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  2. Galoheart Says:

    Amazing so many people are so bored with the game already. I haven’t even been to Naxx yet…. But then again I haven’t been in any hurry either just having fun with the game playing however I feel like playing.

  3. honorshammer Says:

    All guilds are dealing with it in one form or another. You need to be especially careful in how you handle the ‘I’m geared up, see you next patch’.

    In my guild, those people lose their raid spot. Basically, if we have anyone else we can take Day One to Ulduar, we will take them over those people. Those people have shown you through their actions or possible words that they only care about gearing themselves and not the raid overall.

    Expect Drama and possible Gquits.

  4. HP Says:

    Yeah, my guild is trying to do 25 man OS 3d and it unfortunately coincided with some regulars not bothering to log on much anymore. I hope we can get it down but with roster attendance problems and the resulting inexperienced raiders that fill in. it doesn’t seem promising.

  5. Taconite Says:

    Heya Doof! Nice to hear you and Brade are still moving forward.

    Yeah, I am one of those on a break too and it sucks to see people dropping out of BotL while I am afk. This is a great time of year to take a break from WoW. It is spring and my Spartans getting to at least the Sweet 16, now I am hoping for the Final Four.

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