Update Fail

Seriously? August? Really? I would have thought I’d updated this thing in September.

So, um, hi. Here’s what’s been happening as of lately.

1) Sort of inherited co-GM of Brade Frurry, my guild on Thrall. The old GM and founder had some nerve and decided that a life was more important than WoW and more or less up and left one day. Miraculously, we stuck it out somehow.


2) Went from barely being able to fill 25 mans to having to sit people to back to not being able to fill a 25 man again. We had some departures, including two officers, over reasons ranging from drama to raid burnout to a better raid schedule. Needless to say, funnest raiding guild on Thrall (A) LFM 25 man raids!

3) I rolled a hunter.

Did I just not blow your mind?


After hearing all about Pike and Rilgon, I had all these Emblems of Heroism (pre-3.2…I guess it has been a while) burning a hole in my pocket and some heirlooms were starting to look pretty good. I also heard this thing about how fun and awesome, Marksmanship spec was and well…


Look out, I’ve got epics, Chimera Shot and enough Mammoth Cutters for a 3 day long raid.

Outside of that it’s just been WoW, work and sleep. Work has been hellaciously kicking my ass over the last little while, but I’ll try to be better about updates in the future. If you’re still out there.

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3 Comments on “Update Fail”

  1. Lussafirin Says:

    Really couldn’t believe it when I saw there was a big bold (1) next to Doofy the Paladin on my google reader.

    As far as rolling a hunter, welcome to the dark side my friend! And remember… target of target is your friend.

  2. Taconite Says:

    Lussa! *shhh* don’t enable him… Hunter macros? Nope, I really don’t have any macros I can share 🙂

  3. Chimera Shot

    Hell yeah. Fighting for the right team.

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