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“Odd groups go left…and, ahhh whatever, just AoE it all.”

August 13, 2009

So everyone is rather abuzz about the return of Onyxia in an upcoming patch 3.22. (Why not go ahead and make it 3.3? Seems like a new raid is worth enough to tick the next number. Just make Icecrown Citadel and its 31 indeterminate number of bosses patch 3.5. Seems fancier.)

However, this line from Zarhym did jump out at me:

We will also be updating the encounter mechanics to be more fitting for modern raiding

So you’re saying that we’ll just be able to AoE the whole thing (including Ony) down and it’ll be a faceroll for bad raiders? Sweet. Sign me up.

3.2: The Head Explosion Patch

June 18, 2009

Okay, let me get a few things here straight.

# Construction of the Crusaders’ Coliseum is complete. Testing not yet available. New raid normal and heroic modes for the Crusaders’ Coliseum can be toggled using the Dungeon Difficulty setting. This applies to 10 and 25 player versions. 10 player (normal), 25 player (normal), 10 player (heroic) and 25 player (heroic) all share separate raid lockout timers.

* Trial of the Champion
o 5 player (normal and heroic mode) dungeon.
o Daily quest added to the heroic daily dungeon quest giver.
* Trial of the Crusader
o 10 and 25 player (normal mode) raid dungeon.
* Trial of the Grand Crusader
o 10 and 25 player (heroic mode) raid dungeon.
o Crusaders’ Tribute: Active on heroic difficulty only, the tribute system will limit players on the number of attempts the raid is allotted each week. Additional rewards can be earned depending on the number of attempts left in the tribute run each week when the final boss is defeated.

Okay, so there’s a 5-man dungeon that can be done on normal or heroic. Then there’s a 10-man raid and 25-man raid. These can also be done on normal or heroic. While a heroic raid used to be the 25-man version of the 10-man normal raid, you can choose to do a 25-man raid on normal mode or 10-man raid on heroic mode.

Players who do not wish to gain experience through PvP can visit Behsten in Stormwind or Slahtz in Orgrimmar – both located near the Battlemasters in either city – and turn off all experience accumulation for the cost of 10 gold.

Behsten and Slahtz. Behsten…Slahtz. Best in…slots…

*head explosion*

Apprentice Riding (Skill 75): Can now be learned at level 20 for 4 gold

*head explosion*

# Emblem System Changes

* Both the 10 and 25 player instances of the Crusaders’ Coliseum drop a new Emblem of Triumph.
* Any dungeons that previously dropped Emblems of Heroism or Valor, such as Naxxramas or Heroic Halls of Stone, will now drop Emblems of Conquest instead. Emblems of Conquest can still be converted to Valor or Heroism.
* The heroic dungeon daily quest will now reward 2 Emblems of Triumph and the normal daily dungeon quest will reward 1 Emblem of Triumph.
* The existing achievements to collect 1, 25, 50, etc. Emblems of Heroism, Valor, and Conquest have been converted to Feats of Strength since Heroism and Valor Emblems are no longer attainable.
* New achievements have been added to collect various amounts of any combination of emblems.

Okay, so we’re now getting Emblems of Conquest from stuff that would normally give Emblems of Heroism and Valor. There will be no way to earn Emblems of Heroism or Valor except from redeeming Emblems of Conquest for them. Many items will still be purchasable via Emblems of Heroism or Valor, such as the new epic gems (*mild head explosion*) but they will no longer drop in dungeons or raids and are no longer the reward for doing the heroic daily quest. Instead, there will now be Emblems of Triumph (FOR ME TO POOP..oops, sorry) as a reward for this quest and there currently is no other way to earn Emblems of Triumph that is known at this time and what Emblems of Triumph will be redeemable for is also currently unknown right now and FOR GOD’S SAKE WILL SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?

Anyone got a couple aspirin?

3.1 Changes: Sacred Shield Ner…wait, what?

March 6, 2009

Oh look, some Holy Paladin nerfs changes were announced. Let’s see what we’ve got today!

Sacred Shield – Cannot be on more than one target at any time.

Wait, what? Sacred Shield could be on more than one target? Since when? Why was I not informed of this? I would actually have used this spell way more often than I do if I had known this to be the case.

Infusion of Light – No longer has a chance to reduce the casting time of Holy Light, but increases the the critical chance of your next Holy Light by 10/20% instead.


Er, I mean, I’m torn. This is clearly a PvP change, which I hate. But it doesn’t completely suck for PvE. I’m not reliant on Holy Shock crits proccing this so my next Holy Light is uber-fast. It’s just kind of a bonus. Now it’s got an extra chance to crit for massive heals and a mana refund. Yay, I suppose.

I called it!

February 8, 2008

In my earlier patch notes entry, I noted the following regarding the increased tier token drops and outdoor raid boss drops going BoE.

I call these the “Hurry Up And Get Into Black Temple Because There Is A Whole Mess of Content We’ve Put Out That Nobody Is Going To Touch When Lich King Is Released” changes.

And now in the new, complete patch notes for Patch 2.4 that have been released, we have the following:

# Players will no longer require an attunement quest to enter Hyjal.
# Players will no longer require an attunement quest to enter the Black Temple.

I called it!

Seriously, there are currently five 25-man raids in the game, with Sunwell being the 6th when the patch is released. Included are (so I’m told) some of the most amazingly fun and complicated fights ever put into World of Warcraft.

And nobody is going to see a single lick of it when Wrath of the Lich King is released.

So of course the restrictions for entry into some were lifted, and the nerf bat liberally applied (hi, Mr. Magtheridon!) to other places. Blizzard wants us to see this content before the next expansion (which in my humble opinion is still eleven months away, releasing two years to the day of Burning Crusade’s release).

The hardcore raider out there who slogged for weeks and months on Lady Vashj or Kael’thas is of course going to QQ heavily that so many noobs will be let into these places, but you know what? I bet Blizzard doesn’t want a repeat of what happened with the Legacy content. I believe I once heard that the percentage of players who saw Blackwing Lair, AQ40 and Naxxramas is in the single digits. According to WoWJutsu, less than 10% of players have seen Hyjal and Black Temple. Do you think Blizzard really wants to waste the man-hours it took developing all of these raids to sit unseen by what would still be a vast majority of the player base because we’re all focusing on the new shiny things in WotLK? My guess is no.

And while none seem to be named as such right now, based on the fun (yes, you’re sick of it, but admit it, it’s really a lot of fun) and popularity of Karazhan, I think 10-man content is really what Blizzard should be focusing on to further avoid things like this in future expansions. Give us at least two 10-mans that are back to back in progression before sending us to the level 80, 25-man Naxxramas or whichever is first. 10-mans are fun and accessible (notice the Karazhan attunement never got dropped?) and while your guilds that are going to have Arthas on farm status a week after Wrath of the Lich King’s release will complain about it, that’s a small price to pay to be able to bring the joy of raiding to the masses.