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“Odd groups go left…and, ahhh whatever, just AoE it all.”

August 13, 2009

So everyone is rather abuzz about the return of Onyxia in an upcoming patch 3.22. (Why not go ahead and make it 3.3? Seems like a new raid is worth enough to tick the next number. Just make Icecrown Citadel and its 31 indeterminate number of bosses patch 3.5. Seems fancier.)

However, this line from Zarhym did jump out at me:

We will also be updating the encounter mechanics to be more fitting for modern raiding

So you’re saying that we’ll just be able to AoE the whole thing (including Ony) down and it’ll be a faceroll for bad raiders? Sweet. Sign me up.

The Ulduar Drinking Game

May 13, 2009

After much thought, I’ve come up with the following drinking game to be used whenever raiding Ulduar.

Whenever someone asks which part of Ulduar to teleport to, take a drink.

That’s all you need in here, really, because you’re going to die from alcohol poisoning.

March Sadness

March 22, 2009

The last four days are probably my favorite time of year. It’s the NCAA college basketball tournament, where 64 teams battle in a single elimination tournament to determine that year’s champion. The true highlight is the first round, when 32 games are played in two days. It’s an insane amount of basketball jammed into ~12 hours on Thursday and Friday.

It’s a heck of a lot more exciting than what’s going on in WoW at the moment.

While we wait for Ulduar to get datamined and farmed to hell on the PTR so that it’s a faceroll on day one (and it will be, trust me), Brade Frurry progression has stormed to a halt. Three weeks ago we finally got Sartharion with two drakes down. Two weeks ago we one shot it. We wanted to try three drakes this week and found that 18 people signed up. Two drakes was a disaster with that number but we managed to get one. We’ve got the Dedicated Few achievement in heroic Naxxramas and it’s certainly not because we were shooting for it. That was all we could manage.

We’ve had a couple of unfortunate RL issues that prevented some people from attending raids and that’s fine. But there’s also a rather large “I’m geared up, see ya next patch!” mentality that hit a couple of members. It’s frustrating for those who want to raid that we either have to do less than we planned or, worse, dive into the PuG pool to fill the raid. I was running Friday Night Naxx 10 for alts and the bored and I used to have to kick DPS out. Last week I could only manage 8 signups. I didn’t do it this week and decided to watch basketball instead. It’ll probably return come Ulduar since we’re heading straight into 25s.

Blizzard has seriously dropped the ball on endgame here by providing so few raids to do and also making them too easy. I’ve never seen such massive content burnout before and I’m nearing three years since I started up my first toon (ye gods). We’re not finished with our progression (yet) and some folks have seen it okay to just stop showing up without any notice. They’ll probably be back and ready to rock the day 3.1 goes live which hardly seems fair. Have other guilds dealt with this?

The Essential Parts of Any Raid: Ventrilo Edition

January 23, 2009

About a year ago I made an entry on The Essential Parts of Any Raid, showing who you needed to bring in order to have a successful raid. Now, since most raids use a voice chat service such as Ventrilo, it’s time to go through the people you’ll need in your channel to have a full and entertaining evening.

The Loud Talker

Pretty self explanatory. If you’re wearing headphones, prepare to have your ears blown out. If it’s through your speakers, turning the volume on them down prevents you from hearing anyone else. Unfortunately playing too important a role to mute.

The Low Talker

This player either has their microphone about six feet from their mouth, is a quiet person in general or is just too cheap to spring for a new mic. Talks frequently. Wonders in raid chat why they’re being ignored.

The Non-Talker

The player that never talks, ever. Owns a mic. Communicates exclusively in raid/guild chat. One hell of a listener, though and generally a solid player. Talked once and nearly wiped the raid as everyone freaked out.

The Play by Play Guy

Like CNN and The Weather Channel, constantly updating the condition of the raid. The mob health, their health, raid buffs, how much they just crit for, their drink supply, the temperature of their Hot Pockets, etc. For this person, I link them some Ground Gear.

Captain Obvious

“Come on, DPS, step it up!” “Healers, top off those tanks!” “Here come some adds, let’s get a tank on them!” “Rebuff!” /headdesk

The Dude That’s Always Logged In

Inexplicably always logged into Vent even if they’re not logged into the game. May be in a different channel with one or more unknown persons. Causes frequent discussions between guild officers as if the password should be changed.

The DJ

Whenever Push To Talk is hit, a wave of music fills the raid’s ears. For some reason, this player cannot DPS unless something is cranked to 11 in the background. Has never played World of Warcraft with the volume on. Choice of music is either extremely emo or some sort of death metal. Oddly able to be understood over vent when they speak and a good listener.

The Most Important Person In The Entire Raid

A horrible combination of The Play By Play Guy and Captain Obvious. Is also, unfortunately, a Loud Talker. This person will constantly mention over Vent every single thing that happens to them, even if it’s a standard part of the fight and happening to every single member of the raid.

Karazhan example: Maiden of Virtue’s Repentance. “I can’t move! Somebody help me!”
Naxxramas example: Maexena’s Web Wrap. “STUNNED!”

And when they die…”I’M DOWN!!!!!!” as if you might as well wipe since because THEY’RE DOWN!!!! the rest of the fight is meaningless. Will request battle rezzes every time they die. Which is often.

Any others I’m missing?

The Awkward Stage

January 11, 2009

Despite some attrition thanks to the holidays, Brade Frurry managed to put together two 10-man Naxxramas runs. Kel’Thuzad has now died a few times (the first kill coming on a non-scheduled raid during the holidays), Sartharion is laughably easy (and one group even managed to get him with a drake up) and Malygos adventures begin next weekend.

And now we think we’re ready to give up scheduling 10-man Naxxramas and Obsidian Sanctum raids and only do them with 25 players. Or are we? This decision was reached tonight after each group cleared Naxxramas this week, the first kill for many. It was further amplified by the fact that half the loot from the first four wings was disenchanted.

We’ve dabbled in heroic raids briefly almost out of boredom, clearing the Spider and Plague quarters without much trouble despite a handful of pugs (which are now no longer necessary). Sartharion was found to be just as easy and even died with 19 people in the raid (achievement, yay!). When we got to Patchwerk, though…yikes. And how do you kill Instructor Razuvious with one shadow priest?

So my question is: When is the time to make the switch into 25-mans full time? As soon as you have the numbers? When you’re sharding things from the 10-mans? When you’ve beaten Naxxramas once? I’d like to see some Emblems of Valor as much as anyone, but I think it’s a bit of a bigger leap than some think.

The Neverending Mana Pool

December 20, 2008

A quick poll for my readers:

Is 25.7k mana raid buffed enough? I say no. My guild thinks I’m crazy. What say you?

Irony of the (last) Week

December 10, 2008

In my hyperventilating post last week in the aftermath of completing that Heigan fight, I forgot to mention that completely entirely weird thing about it. I present to you the following facts:

Attempts made at Heigan the Unclean: 4 (or was it 5? I forgot.)
Successful “Heigan Dances” completed by Doofy in the kill: Probably close to 20.
Successful “Heigan Dances” completed by Doofy in all the previous attempts, combined: Zero.

Yes, I died horribly the first time we reached phase 2 of the encounter on all of the previous attempts. I never made it back to the platform for the cycle back to phase 1.

No, I can’t explain it, either.

I don’t normally update in the middle of a raid…

December 2, 2008


Heigan the Unclean. I won’t go into any details about the fight, WoWWiki or Wowhead it.

I just three manned the last 50%. And two manned the last 12%. It was me, a prot paladin and a shadow priest. And just two paladins at the end.

I can’t just, no, I’m at a complete loss for words. That was just…oh my god.  The fight took 27 minutes.

I’m still shaking.

Keep tradition alive!

April 24, 2008

A change that was allegedly in the works for 2.4.2 (what’s with the extra dot? 2.42 is fine), but didn’t make it onto the PTR was making things like Carrot on a Stick and Riding Crop into enchants for mounts.

This change would suck.


Because it would remove a time-honored tradition of raiding.

In Shuffle’s Karazhan runs, at some point, typically after Attumen has died, a random raid member would say over Vent “Riding Crop Check!” And we’d realize that at least two people (typically our main tank and a random dps) had their Crop equipped instead of a trinket that was actually useful in raiding.
And sometimes, we’d go even further into the raid before this would happen.

It would be very sad if Blizzard took this away from us.