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A Modest Proposal

August 22, 2010

Server and faction transfers are two of the worse things that ever happened to WoW. Why? Because if you’re on the low population side of a server, things have only gotten worse since those features were implemented, not better.

I play Alliance on a server called Thrall, so of course I was setting myself up to fail from the start. Still, while it was a Horde heavy server, it wasn’t all that bad until faction transfers went live. Suddenly, quite a few people I knew went Horde. The leadership of one of the most progressed Alliance guilds (which wouldn’t even be top 5 Horde side) crossed over. On the Alliance, we never saw the inside of the Vault of Archavon again.

There is currently zero incentive to roll on/transfer to the low population side of a server. Why go somewhere that never holds Wintergrasp (except at 5 am on a Thursday) or is severely outclassed in endgame progression? This is something that should change.

Blizzard would never do it, but a solution I have is simple: supply and demand pricing for server transfers and faction changes. When they want to populate a server, they offer free transfers off of the source servers to the destination server. This seems like something that could easily be implemented.

Using Thrall as an example, which, according to Warcraft Realms, is 80% Horde and 20% Alliance.

Let’s say you’re a Blood Elf on a server who has found a raiding guild on Thrall that suits them. Because Thrall is heavily Horde, the normal $25 transfer fee would be increased to, say, $40, due to the Horde population already being high. The max cost would be $50 for a server transfer for those who want to transfer to the high pop side of the servers with the most extreme imbalances (ohai Mal’Ganis.

On the other hand, if you’re an Alliance player who would like to come to Thrall (and, really, you should. The water’s fine. And Brade Frurry is recruiting!), the cost would be reduced to $10 or $15 due to the Alliance population being so low.

Now, say you’re a Blood Elf paladin already on Thrall who has seen the light and realized that Blood Elves are terrible and you’d much rather be a Draenei. The normal $30 faction change cost would be reduced to $15, as incentive to join the low population side. The minimum cost for a faction change would be $5, for the servers with the largest imbalances (again, see Mal’Ganis).

Would this solve the problem completely? No, of course not. But what it would definitely do is reduce the bleeding. Faction imbalances are bad for PVE progression and server economies. You’d still see people gladly pay $50 to transfer their toon to the high pop side for a top progression raid guild, so I think it would be a complete wash as far as Blizzard’s bottom line was concerned. And if you don’t like it, you’re always welcome to reroll via heirlooms.

Update Fail

November 10, 2009

Seriously? August? Really? I would have thought I’d updated this thing in September.

So, um, hi. Here’s what’s been happening as of lately.

1) Sort of inherited co-GM of Brade Frurry, my guild on Thrall. The old GM and founder had some nerve and decided that a life was more important than WoW and more or less up and left one day. Miraculously, we stuck it out somehow.


2) Went from barely being able to fill 25 mans to having to sit people to back to not being able to fill a 25 man again. We had some departures, including two officers, over reasons ranging from drama to raid burnout to a better raid schedule. Needless to say, funnest raiding guild on Thrall (A) LFM 25 man raids!

3) I rolled a hunter.

Did I just not blow your mind?


After hearing all about Pike and Rilgon, I had all these Emblems of Heroism (pre-3.2…I guess it has been a while) burning a hole in my pocket and some heirlooms were starting to look pretty good. I also heard this thing about how fun and awesome, Marksmanship spec was and well…

Look out, I’ve got epics, Chimera Shot and enough Mammoth Cutters for a 3 day long raid.

Outside of that it’s just been WoW, work and sleep. Work has been hellaciously kicking my ass over the last little while, but I’ll try to be better about updates in the future. If you’re still out there.

March Sadness

March 22, 2009

The last four days are probably my favorite time of year. It’s the NCAA college basketball tournament, where 64 teams battle in a single elimination tournament to determine that year’s champion. The true highlight is the first round, when 32 games are played in two days. It’s an insane amount of basketball jammed into ~12 hours on Thursday and Friday.

It’s a heck of a lot more exciting than what’s going on in WoW at the moment.

While we wait for Ulduar to get datamined and farmed to hell on the PTR so that it’s a faceroll on day one (and it will be, trust me), Brade Frurry progression has stormed to a halt. Three weeks ago we finally got Sartharion with two drakes down. Two weeks ago we one shot it. We wanted to try three drakes this week and found that 18 people signed up. Two drakes was a disaster with that number but we managed to get one. We’ve got the Dedicated Few achievement in heroic Naxxramas and it’s certainly not because we were shooting for it. That was all we could manage.

We’ve had a couple of unfortunate RL issues that prevented some people from attending raids and that’s fine. But there’s also a rather large “I’m geared up, see ya next patch!” mentality that hit a couple of members. It’s frustrating for those who want to raid that we either have to do less than we planned or, worse, dive into the PuG pool to fill the raid. I was running Friday Night Naxx 10 for alts and the bored and I used to have to kick DPS out. Last week I could only manage 8 signups. I didn’t do it this week and decided to watch basketball instead. It’ll probably return come Ulduar since we’re heading straight into 25s.

Blizzard has seriously dropped the ball on endgame here by providing so few raids to do and also making them too easy. I’ve never seen such massive content burnout before and I’m nearing three years since I started up my first toon (ye gods). We’re not finished with our progression (yet) and some folks have seen it okay to just stop showing up without any notice. They’ll probably be back and ready to rock the day 3.1 goes live which hardly seems fair. Have other guilds dealt with this?

The Awkward Stage

January 11, 2009

Despite some attrition thanks to the holidays, Brade Frurry managed to put together two 10-man Naxxramas runs. Kel’Thuzad has now died a few times (the first kill coming on a non-scheduled raid during the holidays), Sartharion is laughably easy (and one group even managed to get him with a drake up) and Malygos adventures begin next weekend.

And now we think we’re ready to give up scheduling 10-man Naxxramas and Obsidian Sanctum raids and only do them with 25 players. Or are we? This decision was reached tonight after each group cleared Naxxramas this week, the first kill for many. It was further amplified by the fact that half the loot from the first four wings was disenchanted.

We’ve dabbled in heroic raids briefly almost out of boredom, clearing the Spider and Plague quarters without much trouble despite a handful of pugs (which are now no longer necessary). Sartharion was found to be just as easy and even died with 19 people in the raid (achievement, yay!). When we got to Patchwerk, though…yikes. And how do you kill Instructor Razuvious with one shadow priest?

So my question is: When is the time to make the switch into 25-mans full time? As soon as you have the numbers? When you’re sharding things from the 10-mans? When you’ve beaten Naxxramas once? I’d like to see some Emblems of Valor as much as anyone, but I think it’s a bit of a bigger leap than some think.


October 17, 2008

Three things

1) I’ve fallen behind on the blogroll. If you’re linking me and I am not returning the favor, please please comment or e-mail me and I will fix that. I’m a bad paladin.

2) I forgot to mention that I’m in a new guild. I really liked a lot of the people in Veritas et Aequitas, but a few members of the guild were not satisfied with what was going on. I loved all the people in there, but a better opportunity has presented itself in the form of Brade Frurry. We’re going to go places in Wrath.

3) A comment by Dann has let me know of an additional problem that has arisen as a result of 3.02. I can’t say I’m explaining why you’re getting Salvation…when there is no more Salvation. I’ll probably never remember to use the new Hand of Salvation. So now my tagline is outdated. Any suggestions?