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The Awkward Stage

January 11, 2009

Despite some attrition thanks to the holidays, Brade Frurry managed to put together two 10-man Naxxramas runs. Kel’Thuzad has now died a few times (the first kill coming on a non-scheduled raid during the holidays), Sartharion is laughably easy (and one group even managed to get him with a drake up) and Malygos adventures begin next weekend.

And now we think we’re ready to give up scheduling 10-man Naxxramas and Obsidian Sanctum raids and only do them with 25 players. Or are we? This decision was reached tonight after each group cleared Naxxramas this week, the first kill for many. It was further amplified by the fact that half the loot from the first four wings was disenchanted.

We’ve dabbled in heroic raids briefly almost out of boredom, clearing the Spider and Plague quarters without much trouble despite a handful of pugs (which are now no longer necessary). Sartharion was found to be just as easy and even died with 19 people in the raid (achievement, yay!). When we got to Patchwerk, though…yikes. And how do you kill Instructor Razuvious with one shadow priest?

So my question is: When is the time to make the switch into 25-mans full time? As soon as you have the numbers? When you’re sharding things from the 10-mans? When you’ve beaten Naxxramas once? I’d like to see some Emblems of Valor as much as anyone, but I think it’s a bit of a bigger leap than some think.

LFG Heroic Daily :(

December 23, 2007

What does it say when the heroic and non-heroic daily quests are the same instance, and there is absolutely nobody in LFG for it, all day long. In this case, it was Black Morass yesterday. Never been there on heroic, is it that bad?

Popped on Sherm first thing today to check some auctions, saw the daily heroic was Underbog, checked LFG, had a group in five minutes.  Funny how that works sometimes. Botanica and Mechanar are also quite easy to get into groups for, Underbog and Slave Pens are popular when they come up, and nobody ever seems to attempt to try the others.

You folks had any luck with the heroic dailies?