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October 17, 2008

Three things

1) I’ve fallen behind on the blogroll. If you’re linking me and I am not returning the favor, please please comment or e-mail me and I will fix that. I’m a bad paladin.

2) I forgot to mention that I’m in a new guild. I really liked a lot of the people in Veritas et Aequitas, but a few members of the guild were not satisfied with what was going on. I loved all the people in there, but a better opportunity has presented itself in the form of Brade Frurry. We’re going to go places in Wrath.

3) A comment by Dann has let me know of an additional problem that has arisen as a result of 3.02. I can’t say I’m explaining why you’re getting Salvation…when there is no more Salvation. I’ll probably never remember to use the new Hand of Salvation. So now my tagline is outdated. Any suggestions?