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Last Karathon (for a while) Highlight of the Evening

March 8, 2008

A raid member mentions that he really should’ve gone to bed, like, half an hour ago. We’re about to pull Illhoof. It’s an awfully long walk from that room to get outside to summon our replacement. What to do?

Have both paladins Divine Intervention. Easy!

Vent has never laughed so hard before.

Karazhan farm status, hooray!

December 21, 2007

In a guild first, we cleared the entirety of Karazhan (minus Netherspite because he’s a douche) in one night. Normally, Tuesdays consist of everything up to Curator (including Nightbane) because we have a few siblings (three of them, two of which are very good players) who have some sort of timer set to their internet connection which goes poof at 11 p.m.

This week, we only had one of the three (the guild leader forgot I’d be around on Tuesday and didn’t give a slot to Doofy, so I replaced the warlock with Sherm and was very happy about that!), so only one person had to be replaced and we did it just before getting to Curator, so since our tank had a couple more hours of availablity, we were able to keep going. Curator became no longer operational, the Shade of Aran’s nightmare finally ended, and we one-shot Illhoof, which finally started happening a couple of weeks ago after a bunch of frustrating attempts. We skip Netherspite, as I mentioned, because we’re just not coordinated enough for it, and he’s very unforgiving when it comes to beam mistakes.

On to chess and Prince. By the way, now that Badges of Justice drop in Karazhan, they have to do something about the Chess Event so that it doesn’t take 10 minutes for everyone to loot their stupid badges.

Prince was the only boss the whole night to take more than one attempt. I had a freak internet hiccup during attempt number one, and two minutes later got back on to find that I was dead. I asked what happened and the tank got insta-gibbed during a bad infernal placement on phase 2. Attempt two caused us to get boxed in pretty badly and after a DI, and buffing up for attempt number three the stars (or, really, infernals) aligned and down he went.

I’ve been running around with this thing for ages and really need to upgrade it to reach the next level as far as damage output goes. Sadly, neither Curator nor Prince saw it fit to give me their awesome pew-pew weapons. All I had to show for the run was 20 badges and the The Lightning Capacitor the merits of which I’m currently debating.

Oh well, it was an awesome feeling to have a full clear of the joint in about 4 hours. All the other planned raids (the usual second night of Kara, no longer necessary this week; ZA, where the bear boss is on farm status and we wipe a bunch on eagle now) fell apart this week anyway because of the holidays so this was a good thing.