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Paid Sex Change!

December 10, 2008

First there was the paid server transfer. Alright, that’s cool, let people escape to a better opportunity if they’re on a dead end server.

Then there was the paid name change. Okay, fine. Perfect for the person who realizes that Leoglaxxx is a horrible name for a hunter.

Now there’s the paid sex change. Yes, really. There’s been no official announcement, but I was just looking at it on the official WoW site…”Character Customization” is live. For $15, you can change everything about your character’s look, even their sex. They’ll even throw in a name change if you want for that cost, since if you make yourself female “Mightydude” just wouldn’t be a proper name now, would it?

I didn’t get into the specific details, since Blizzard wanted my credit card information (which they already have, silly Blizz) to charge me the fifteen bucks and I didn’t want to take the risk of getting charged, but here’s the fine print:

This service lets you change your character’s gender, face, hair and skin color, hairstyle, name, and other cosmetic features determined by their race and gender combination.

Since everything but gender and name can be changed in game at the barbershop, it really is a $15 sex change operation. And a trip abroad isn’t even needed. Oh, and also

You cannot, however, change your character’s race or class.

But at the rate that they’re going, I’m sure that will be live sometime in 2009. Gnomadins will have their day, oh yes.