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Have You Hugged Your Holy Paladin Today?

August 10, 2009

So, it’s Patch 3.2. You may have many friends and guildies excited about certain aspects of this patch, but you may have noticed your Holy paladin acting a little differently. They might not be as bubbly as they used to. As everyone is excited to do heroics for Emblems of Conquest, they might just be shrugging it off. Something is bothering them.

You see, with Patch 3.2, the party’s over for Holy. Since 3.0, we’ve been able to heal with nearly unlimited amounts of mana. Oh, they tried to stop us before, with a change to Divine Plea in 3.09 that reduced healing by 50% while active. This hurt a little, but we still had mana to spare if Divine Plea was used correctly. We still laughed at the idea of mana potions. It was intellect gems all around. Innervates? Save that for the priests.

Then, with 3.2, Illumination got nerfed. Again.

You see, when Holy finally got properly itemized gear in The Burning Crusade, it became immediately obvious that paladins were the best healers. In fact, the bleeding edge raiding guilds early on in BC were only using paladins due to the fact that when they crit with a heal, they got the mana cost of the spell refunded, so stacking crit gear meant unlimited mana. So patch 2.1 nerfed the talent to refund on 60% of the mana back. We cried about it (well, I did, anyway) but we moved on and settled into our proper healing role for the rest of the expansion.

Then came 3.0 and the Era of the Big Heal. Holy Light has become the key spell for paladins in Wrath, being able to get a majority of the mana back from that big casting cost spell was a large part of our close to limitless mana. Add in a libram that reduced the cost by 113 mana (but did not affect mana refunded on a crit) and the ability to still come out ahead on mana with Divine Illumination and paladins did not really have to worry about anything until the latest patch.

Five points in Illumination now only refunds 30% of the mana cost of a healing spell crit. It’s almost not worth having. In fact, I would gladly put the points elsewhere if they weren’t required for Holy Shock. I’ve already noticed a huge impact on my mana just from doing heroics and it makes me sad.

So pass the Runic Mana Potions, hook me up with some Lustrous Majestic Zircon and yeah druids, that IS a paladin asking for an Innervate. And hug your Holy paladin today, because it will make them feel a little better about finally running out of mana.


An Open Letter to Every Warlock Ever

September 18, 2008

Hi, this is your friendly neighborhood healer.

Look, I dig you guys a lot. You’re rocking dps, summons are always useful time savers and your soulstones and healthstones are just great.

But I do have one teeny-tiny request. It’s all I ask, really.

Buy some water and carry it around with you. Maybe even drag some to your hotbars. If there’s a mage and he pops a buffet, grab a stack or two.

And when you’re out of combat, click that button.

Please, please stop Lifetapping your mana back and then stand there and wait for me to heal you, especially while I’m drinking after combat. It happens way too much when I’m grouping with you guys, and it’s really freaking annoying. I do not heal any warlocks who do this, and I won’t change that plan if they complain about it. If we’re in the middle of combat and you tap, and I’m holding the tank up fine, then sure, I’ll toss a heal your way. But just because you can bring all your mana back without drinking doesn’t mean you should and then wait for me to use my mana to fill your health back up.

Are we cool? Okay, cool. Thanks for understanding. Now if we could just do something about those Demonology specs…

Hugs, Kisses and Heals,

Doofy & Doffy

Groups I Don’t Join

August 11, 2008

Since I’ve been back, I’ve joined as many groups as I can for Magister’s Terrace. I seem to be the only one on the server who wants to call it MrT, which is the logical shortcut, but everyone seems to call it MagT. Anyway, I’ve been trying to get into groups for this on both Doofy (normal) and Sherm (normal and heroic, need Shattered Sun Offensive rep for those precious jewelcrafting patterns at extreme discounts). I’ve learned to be selective about the types of groups that I join. Here are things that you’ll find in LFG that I, and you, should avoid to preserve mental health.

– Groups that say “LF2M, just need tank and heals!” Wow, you put 3 DPS together. How’d you manage to pull that one off, since they’re so in demand and all? Good job, genius. This group will usually average 1.5 night elf hunters, by the way. While the DPS may very well be competent, I don’t join these groups on principal. Find a healer or tank first, then worry about your dime a dozen DPS.

– Groups that have any character with a name that has symbols in it. This makes me want to punch somebody in the head. Your name was taken, okay? Be a little more creative with the “Legolas” ripoffs. “Ŕōğűě” is also played out. Seriously.

– Groups with all the members in a battleground and/or on the opposite end of the world from where they need to be. All of these people will be looking for summons and guess who the loser that’s going to have to hike it there is? Oh, and they’ll probably be flagged. Happy ganking!

– Groups containing multiple tanking classes that are looking for a tank. I saw a group in LFG that had two warriors and a druid. They were looking for a tank and a healer. I really, really wish I was kidding.

And I know this will upset the two readers who didn’t abandon me during my hiatus, but it needs to be said: every time a fury or arms warrior joins LFG and asks for a tank, A’dal kills a kitten. Please, somebody think of the kittens?

Avoiding any of the above groups while lurking the LFG channel will ensure happy instance runs and lower repair bills. I hope this was useful.

Already with the QQing already

December 12, 2007

If you’re dumb enough to gather 3 dps classes together first and then spend an eternity in LFG and Trade spamming “LFM (random instance), just need tank and heals,” just disband the group already. It’s not like there are lots of tanks and healers just wandering aimlessly thinking “where in Outland am I ever going to find three people to dps this instance?” Find one, or preferably both, first, and your chances of getting a group for the instance skyrocket. It also says that you probably know what you’re doing. When I want to heal a five man, I purposely don’t join a group that is looking for a tank and a healer to finish the group, since it probably contains at least one random DPS person who will complain about getting Blessing of Salvation.