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Tagged! The Screenshot Meme

March 6, 2009

So I’ve been tagged by a couple of people since I am officially one of the worst bloggers in blogging history. Thank you to Dann and HolyWarrior at The Good, The Bad and the Downright Evil for tagging me.

What you’re supposed to do is check the 6th item in the 6th folder of your screenshots folder. I…don’t have six folders in my screenshot folder so I just went with the 6th image. And behold!



I meant to do an entry on it (fail blogger,remember) but it didn’t happen. Remember that Enti’s Quenched Sword, the gray sword that dropped in Northrend and didn’t have a level requirement on it? The text says it does next to no damage, but hand it to a level one toon and they just slaughtered everything in sight. And when you got Rend, things got even more fun. You could run up to something, Rend it and then go to the next mob because it ticked for well over 100, which was more than enough to kill everything in Elwynn Forest. I leveled Grayitems the warrior to level 10 in about an hour that way. My goal was met when Hogger died. And then the sword received a level requirement so poor Grayitems met the DELETE feature.

I’d post something else from the screenshot folder but it’s a whole bunch of fail, largely accidential key hits (how? I have no idea). I do want to post the screenshot of dinging 62 off of Onyxia, but it’s on my parents’ computer I do believe.

Real content coming, someday.