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Wrong Toon, Dummy!

April 4, 2009

So there I was on my shaman, waiting for some slacker pugs to get closer to the stone so we could do some summons for Utgarde Keep. Nobody seemed to be in a big hurry to get there so I was going to level some herbalism. All your goldclover are belong to me.

I near a yellow dot on my minimap and suddenly I see a vykrul mob riding around on something. A quick click shows me that it is none other than Vigdis the War Maiden. It’s a rare spawn ZOMG. I’m specced Resto at the moment so I wonder if it’ll be a tough kill like the rare spawns in Burning Crusade. But it’s not. Ding! Northern Exposure! I think at the time that it’s a little silly that my shaman of all toons found one, but hey, what can you do.

A week or two later I’m herbing again in Zul’Drak and draw some aggro and it’s a mob I don’t recognize. Hello there, Griegen! I’ve now killed two mobs on my way to the most insane achievement evar, Frostbitten.

Just the other day, I got to take the mage along to a Naxx 10. Which we’re totally sick of, by the way, but that’s another post. Anyway, two achievements were obtained without even attempting to try. The first was Arachnophobia. We weren’t rushing it, we just calmly and with precision destroyed Faerlina and Maexxna and it didn’t take an hour to hand out two pieces of loot. The second was Make Quick Werk of Him. Patchy went down in style in 2:52.

So for those keeping score at home, that’s an achievement (and two rare mobs) killed on Doffy the Shaman and two achievements earned on Sherm the Mage. Take a moment and guess how many of those Doofy the Paladin has.

If you said none, you win! Please e-mail me for your prize. (Note: prizes void where prohibited. Which is wherever you are reading this.)

On my paladin I’ve done 3,000 quests, gotten exalted with over 20 factions (on the way to 25), spent 1,200 gold on a 22-slot bag, took 10 minutes hitting a level 80 elite barehanded, spent way too much money on mounts and pets and gotten a few other pretty darn ridiculous achievements. But I’ve never seen a rare mob and certain achievements will just elude him forever. Despite being Guy Who Never Dies On Heigan (four months and counting since the last DanceFAIL), I am just not allowed to have The Safety Dance achievement.

What achievements have you gotten on the wrong toons?

Early 3.02 Thoughts While WoW Reinstalls

October 16, 2008

I had some wonkiness last night trying to get some addons working again and attempting to log back on resulted in the Launcher breaking so I am presently reinstalling WoW as I twitch constantly. I separately downloaded the 3.0 patches before leaving for work so hopefully I’m up and running shortly, but here’s some thoughts on what I’ve witnessed.

1. The Nerf factory is probably working overtime for the hit Retribution is going to take. Seriously, it’s disturbing now and should the dps that can be output should not be possible. I’m all for just about any spec that isn’t talent points assigned randomly being viable, but the Paladin is a hybrid class that can tank and heal. Having Ret be leetsauce DPS will cause more players to choose that spec, thus reducing the available number of healers and tanks, which we’re generally short on already. And no, Death Knights will not fix the problem. Yes, you heard me.

1a. I am happy that my Holy dps appears to have gone up as splash damage. Maybe leveling to 80 won’t suck. I’m not used to the new Judgement system yet, and it’s going to take a bit to get used to not judging Crusader as my opening salvo.

2. Oh, poor Sherm’s awesome 40/0/21 Arcane/Frost spec is deadder than dead. The talent that truly makes it work (Spell Power) is way too deep in the Arcane tree. I went into the new mage talents blind and attempting to rework the spec was a total disaster. I need to pay for a respec, but for now Sherm is on the shelf short of any tailoring or jewelcrafting that needs to be done. I’m tempted to go full arcane, and I know it might be insane, but I just can’t bring myself to putting any points into fire.

3. Resto shamans took a big ride on the buff train. The spec is still 0/5/Everything Else, and there just aren’t enough talent points to get everything you want right now, there’s that much good stuff there. Love the new Earthliving Weapon, more than makes up for changing Wrath of Air totem to haste, which is nice. There is something so very wrong about Nathrezim Mindblade becoming my healing weapon, though.

4. We killed Gruul last night in about two minutes on his fourth Growth. I really feel bad for him. Seriously. It wasn’t even fair. No wonder they took the bear mounts and title quests away. And now I’m looking forward to 2 hour Karazhan clears.

5. Achievements. Are. Awesome. It’s like they took crack and somehow made it more addictive. Seriously, folks, you can really never be bored with World of Warcraft again. Just open up the Achievement screen and you’ll find something that you’re near. It’s a never ending supply of carrots. Really.

6. “Basic reading ability is required to fully enjoy this game.” I read that on the back of a GBA Polemon game once and I really think it should be applied to every single game and especially World of Warcraft. It was my mantra in trade chat during all the insanity Tuesday night, after every OMG MY MOUNT AND PETS ARE GONE WTF?!?!?111!

Grand Theft Kodo

October 4, 2008

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

It’s Friday night, October 3rd. Lazy Friday, nobody around much at 11:30 or so.  I’m on Sherm, attempting to PuG my way into someone else’s Karazhan trip. Someone in the guild wonders aloud if there’s enough folks to give it a go at Coren Direbrew, the Brewfest boss.

We’ve got a tank willing to try, and someone else wants to heal it to try and snag the caster trinkets (which by the way, become pretty much identical when the +damage/+healing stat becomes spellpower). I snag a dps spot, inexplicably not having done this event during the entire holiday.

Someone’s got a remote (I have one on Doffy, I’m glad it’s not going away as I will often use it at hilarious moments, especially during raids. If you’re in the middle of Karazhan and you suddenly find yourself in BRD, that’s a f*cking 50 DKP minus.) so we meet in Shattrath and head on over. We all grab the daily, and the first person starts the event. He goes down smoothly, our healer gets his Direbrew Hops and we start it again. Attempt number two is equally as smooth. This is about 11:58, by the way.

We loot, and it’s one of the Brewmaiden trinkets and…and…a Great Brewfest Kodo.

Everyone immediately freaks out and after a short discussion, everyone rolls need (lolninja!).

And I, the king of bad rolls at important moments, win. I feel bad. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want it (and I’m totally not a mount whore), but I would much rather have seen it go to someone else in the guild.

The rest of the need/greed/pass selections are made on the trinket. And then the corpse disappears. We don’t notice that nobody has won the item until we stand in the Grim Guzzler for about 30 seconds waiting for the respawn to occur.

And we’re still waiting. Someone then realizes that it’s now past midnight server time. It’s October 4th. Brewfest is over. Coren Direbrew is not coming back. Until next year, anyway.

Now I feel really bad. Great. Thanks, Blizzard.

Yes, what I like to think is the final Kodo that dropped on the Thrall server (or perhaps in the entire game) dropped at 11:59 p.m. on October 3, 2008. And I won it.

Gnome on a kodo = win.

Gnome on a kodo = win.

Week(s) In Review

August 30, 2008

A brief summary of the things I’ve accomplished since returning to the game.

– Joined a new guild. This was a tough decision to make. Shuffle had been the only guild that I had known ever since Doofy joined it while, like, level 15 in Westfall. And what I came back to was an empty shell of a guild. All the founders and core folks in the guild had basically quit the game. Those who didn’t quit left for other guilds. The only active folks in the guilds were little-used alts and bank leeches (the money ran out months ago, nary a deposit in sight). I ran around guildless on Sherm and Doffy for a few days, when an old acquaintance (whom I thought had left the server and/or WoW) sent me a tell and suggested I join his guild. I looked them up and found a couple more familiar faces in there, so I went ahead an joined Veritas et Aequitas. Good folks, and hopefully we’re going places.
– Upgrades! My hiatus began right before the 2.4 patch, and because I’m awesome, Doofy had 124 badges on him. So I immediately bought the Mexican, non-union, Tier 6 equivalent chestpiece. It is awesome. Like me. Sherm also was near the magic 100 mark and a couple of Karazhan trips and heroic daily quests (I kinda wish it could be Botanica every day) got him the caster chest for improved pewpew.
– Become fabulously rich. Between grinding out Shattered Sun Offensive reputation (exalted on Sherm and Doofy, Doffy is revered) and a lucky drop or two (a green enchanting pattern innocently master looted to me sold for 500g) and my own patented method for selling stuff on the Auction House, I have somehow amassed almost 6,000 gold. This is after nearly going bankrupt buying Jewelcrafting patterns for Sherm and buying Doffy’s flying mount after hittting 70 (see below). I think that money is going to go towards getting Doffy an epic flyer as he could really use it, being an herbalist and all. Sherm does not have a gathering profession, so I think it would be a waste of time for him.
– Gotten Doffy to 70. A couple more instance runs got him so close to 70, and I went and did some quests around Area 52 to finish it out. I did pick up a couple of items in Magister’s Terrace that got my healing to about 1,000 buffed which was good enough to sneak into a Karazhan run where I walked out with 7 epics. It’s a horrible mismatch of leather and cloth with the only mail item being the Tier 4 gloves. I’m not even using a shield! It’s a lot of fun, though, and will get easier as I get more items and badges. My other goal now is to gear him up well enough with an off-spec set to be able to plow through a zone or two of quests in a weekend, to earn even more cash.

Things I haven’t done:

– Used the beta key. I just don’t freaking have time. Where was this a couple of weeks ago, you know? Sigh.

And on top of that…

August 15, 2008

I also realized in addition to about another 1,000 gold for the remainder of the jewelcrafting patterns, I also need 1,000 more to buy the title so my mage can be Sherm of the Shattered Sun. Because alliteration is cool.

The Problem With Being A Completist

August 13, 2008

So it took eight days, but I got to Exalted reputation with The Shattered Sun Offensive on Sherm, my mage. I wanted to do this on him first because what’s the biggest thing this faction has to offer in their rep rewards? Jewelcrafting patterns!

I was a smart shopper and did not buy anything at all until reaching Exalted, which happened in the middle of a Heroic Magister’s Terrace trip that ended at Kael’thas at 4 a.m. when I couldn’t stay awake anymore. Anyway, logging on today, I headed to the rep vendor and bought the meta patterns, the haste patterns and the only trinket pattern that would potentially be useful. Then it was off to the epic gem and pattern vendor.

And then it hit me exactly how many of these things there were to buy at 40g a pop. Despite doing dailies every day since I’ve been back, I was out of money when I got to the third page of patterns.

In hindsight, I now regret buying that 22-slot bag.

But such is the life of a completist. If there’s a pattern, I gotta have it. I don’t quite have every rare gem cut either, and it pains me that these are missing from my collection.

Guess we’re doing those dailies for a few more weeks.

Nerf sleep!

January 29, 2008

A Sunday ZA raid had just ended. Three hours or so. Was a good run, though we failed miserably at the bear timer (WTB hunters that can trap) and stumbled a bit on the lynx boss before finally hitting on something that worked. I bet we’ll one shot him next time.

After that, it’s back to Shattrath and/or Ironforge to tie up some loose ends before hitting the hay, which would be good for me as Mondays are particularly vicious in my line of work.

“Doof, can you cut a gem for me?”
“Sure, let me get on the mage.”

*switches characters*

[goodtankiknowinaraidingguild] whispers: Wanna go to ZA? Need one more good DPS to fill out.


*looks wistfully at bed*

*looks wistfully at boss loot tables*

*thinks again*

To [goodtankiknowinaraidingguild]: Okay.

That was another two and a half hours in there. And we didn’t even get Halazzi down. But it was fun, I’d only been in there on Sherm once before and that was before we figured out that what I need to do on Doofy in the eagle gauntlet is tank all the birds with Consecration while still healing. I wasn’t first in damage, but I had the top dps for the entire run. Hit rating wins. Sleep can come later.

Ridiculously late New Year’s Resolutions

January 12, 2008

Horribly late, of course, but I figured I’d mention these New Year’s resolutions that I’ve made for my characters (or have they made them for me? Hmmm.)


1. 375 Blacksmithing. Suck it up, you cheap bastard. I’ve even got an epic pattern that makes it worth levelling.
2. Replace these blue cloth shoulders. It’s the last piece of non-plate. I don’t care how you do it. Pray that the Shade of Aran drops his, get the ones from heroic Hellfire Ramparts or do some PVP for the welfare epics. They just look goofy at this point.
3. Do some freaking dailies. Again, suck it up and do them. Not the crappy ones, of course, but there are orcs in Shadowmoon Valley and ogres in Blade’s Edge that just want to hand me mad stacks of cash for a few minutes of work.


1. Replace that silly staff. Get a Karazhan drop, or finally hit Honor Hold exalted for their rockin’ sword. Done! I now have said sword, and the badge offhand to go with it, and it’s given me a net of 70 more damage. Woo hoo!
2. Finish your badge grind. Looks like you’ll need 25 more for the pants, and then another 25 if you want that wand and it’s hilarious 180 DPS.
3. Exalted Scryers. Come on! Use that spell damage to kill some blood elves. You’ll need the epic spellthread to go with those pants, and you’re probably not replacing those Mana-Etched Shoulders for a while so might as well put the exalted enchant on them, no?


1. Get 70! You’re 68 now, it’s not that much more.
2. Get Karazhan keyed. Not that your guild is going back there anymore, but it would be nice to have, just in case.
3. Use your Primal Might transmute as much as possible. It cost four of them to specialize, might as well try to make your money back. Pray for the epic five-proc!


1. Stop forgetting about me. You only love me for my disenchanting. Jerk.
2. If you’re not going to completely forget about me, at least get me to 50 so I can train to 375 enchanting and use this bank full of mats I’ve been collecting.
3. Why am I camped in Exodar? This isn’t fair. I’m lonely. Can someone help me? Please?
Anyone? Hellooooooooo…

LFG Heroic Daily :(

December 23, 2007

What does it say when the heroic and non-heroic daily quests are the same instance, and there is absolutely nobody in LFG for it, all day long. In this case, it was Black Morass yesterday. Never been there on heroic, is it that bad?

Popped on Sherm first thing today to check some auctions, saw the daily heroic was Underbog, checked LFG, had a group in five minutes.  Funny how that works sometimes. Botanica and Mechanar are also quite easy to get into groups for, Underbog and Slave Pens are popular when they come up, and nobody ever seems to attempt to try the others.

You folks had any luck with the heroic dailies?

Karazhan farm status, hooray!

December 21, 2007

In a guild first, we cleared the entirety of Karazhan (minus Netherspite because he’s a douche) in one night. Normally, Tuesdays consist of everything up to Curator (including Nightbane) because we have a few siblings (three of them, two of which are very good players) who have some sort of timer set to their internet connection which goes poof at 11 p.m.

This week, we only had one of the three (the guild leader forgot I’d be around on Tuesday and didn’t give a slot to Doofy, so I replaced the warlock with Sherm and was very happy about that!), so only one person had to be replaced and we did it just before getting to Curator, so since our tank had a couple more hours of availablity, we were able to keep going. Curator became no longer operational, the Shade of Aran’s nightmare finally ended, and we one-shot Illhoof, which finally started happening a couple of weeks ago after a bunch of frustrating attempts. We skip Netherspite, as I mentioned, because we’re just not coordinated enough for it, and he’s very unforgiving when it comes to beam mistakes.

On to chess and Prince. By the way, now that Badges of Justice drop in Karazhan, they have to do something about the Chess Event so that it doesn’t take 10 minutes for everyone to loot their stupid badges.

Prince was the only boss the whole night to take more than one attempt. I had a freak internet hiccup during attempt number one, and two minutes later got back on to find that I was dead. I asked what happened and the tank got insta-gibbed during a bad infernal placement on phase 2. Attempt two caused us to get boxed in pretty badly and after a DI, and buffing up for attempt number three the stars (or, really, infernals) aligned and down he went.

I’ve been running around with this thing for ages and really need to upgrade it to reach the next level as far as damage output goes. Sadly, neither Curator nor Prince saw it fit to give me their awesome pew-pew weapons. All I had to show for the run was 20 badges and the The Lightning Capacitor the merits of which I’m currently debating.

Oh well, it was an awesome feeling to have a full clear of the joint in about 4 hours. All the other planned raids (the usual second night of Kara, no longer necessary this week; ZA, where the bear boss is on farm status and we wipe a bunch on eagle now) fell apart this week anyway because of the holidays so this was a good thing.