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Wrong Toon, Dummy!

April 4, 2009

So there I was on my shaman, waiting for some slacker pugs to get closer to the stone so we could do some summons for Utgarde Keep. Nobody seemed to be in a big hurry to get there so I was going to level some herbalism. All your goldclover are belong to me.

I near a yellow dot on my minimap and suddenly I see a vykrul mob riding around on something. A quick click shows me that it is none other than Vigdis the War Maiden. It’s a rare spawn ZOMG. I’m specced Resto at the moment so I wonder if it’ll be a tough kill like the rare spawns in Burning Crusade. But it’s not. Ding! Northern Exposure! I think at the time that it’s a little silly that my shaman of all toons found one, but hey, what can you do.

A week or two later I’m herbing again in Zul’Drak and draw some aggro and it’s a mob I don’t recognize. Hello there, Griegen! I’ve now killed two mobs on my way to the most insane achievement evar, Frostbitten.

Just the other day, I got to take the mage along to a Naxx 10. Which we’re totally sick of, by the way, but that’s another post. Anyway, two achievements were obtained without even attempting to try. The first was Arachnophobia. We weren’t rushing it, we just calmly and with precision destroyed Faerlina and Maexxna and it didn’t take an hour to hand out two pieces of loot. The second was Make Quick Werk of Him. Patchy went down in style in 2:52.

So for those keeping score at home, that’s an achievement (and two rare mobs) killed on Doffy the Shaman and two achievements earned on Sherm the Mage. Take a moment and guess how many of those Doofy the Paladin has.

If you said none, you win! Please e-mail me for your prize. (Note: prizes void where prohibited. Which is wherever you are reading this.)

On my paladin I’ve done 3,000 quests, gotten exalted with over 20 factions (on the way to 25), spent 1,200 gold on a 22-slot bag, took 10 minutes hitting a level 80 elite barehanded, spent way too much money on mounts and pets and gotten a few other pretty darn ridiculous achievements. But I’ve never seen a rare mob and certain achievements will just elude him forever. Despite being Guy Who Never Dies On Heigan (four months and counting since the last DanceFAIL), I am just not allowed to have The Safety Dance achievement.

What achievements have you gotten on the wrong toons?

25 Useless Facts About Doofy!

February 12, 2009

If you’re on Facebook (which I am. I mean, the guy who writes this, not an actual Facebook page for Doofy. Because that would be weird.), you are probably familiar with the 25 Random Things meme that is working its way around like bird flu. You post a note where you list 25 facts, opinions, thoughts and other random things that can be as in depth or as shallow as you want them to be. In lieu of some actual blogging content, I thought I’d do the same for Doofy. And since I’m required to “tag” people here, I tag everyone reading this. Suckers!

1. We’re nearing three years since I first started WoW. Games rarely stick with me for that long.

2. There will be things on here I’ve mentioned during earlier entries, such as: Doofy was not my first character. That was a troll rogue made on my old roommate’s account. I named him Bojingo. We had been watching a lot of Scrubs on DVD at the time.

3. When I got my own account I rolled another troll rogue and levelled him again. I got him to the 50’s and then rolled Doofy. He’s still in the 50’s.

4. I was in the same guild from the low teens until returning to the game last August when it pretty much collapsed while I was gone. It took quite a bit for me to finally leave the guild even though there was nobody in it.

5. This past weekend was spent getting the Ambassador achievement. I got exalted with Darnassus on Saturday and spent today getting Exodar and Gnomeregan Exiles reputation. I only needed about 15 stacks of Runecloth to finish out the Exodar rep.

6. I’m also about 160 quests away from 3000. This frightens me, actually.

7. Even if I have nothing to do on him and plan on playing an alt, I always log Doofy in first. It’s tradition.

8. I’m a keyboard turner, a clicker and I make very minimal use of macros. I don’t use that focus thing either. How I manage to kill anything or keep people alive is a miracle.

9. Still bitter about that Illumination nerf. Even though I never run out of mana anymore.

10. I hate that you can AoE down all trash in Naxxramas. Even on 25-man. I refuse to cast Blizzard on my mage. And I try to keep my AoE damage to under 10% of my damage total.

11. I admit to being biased against night elf hunters. Which is why I love people like Pike who do what they can to buck the Huntard stereotype. (Oh and hi to Rilgon too.)

12. I lag massively in Dalaran and this computer has 4GB of RAM. I bet it’s because my video card sucks.

13. I dinged 62 off of Onyxia in the first two weeks after The Burning Crusade was released. I have the screenshot somewhere to prove it.

13. I am an UI minimalist. The only thing that really mucks with the default UI is AG Unit Frames so I can make big bars to see exact health and to heal people easier.

14. I play a paladin as a main. I have the ability to heal, tank and DPS. My respec cost is 15g. You have permission to hate me for it.

15. I am a ridiculous packrat. My bank is an absolute disaster right now. But no matter what, I will never part with the 6 pieces of the Tier 0.5 set. I would love to get the tier 0 helm and chest and finish the chain. I idly wonder if it’s doable solo.

16. I enjoy randomly putting Crusader Aura on in groups because it makes people mad.

17. The mage nerfs have filled me with RAAAAAAAAAAAGE. I was finally having fun again on Sherm. And it had surprisingly little with being able to outdamage other mages that outgear me by pretty high margins. Although that was pretty nice.

18. I believe I am the only blogger from Thrall. If anyone out there knows of someone else, let me know.

19. I’ve grown into the Doofy name and kind of accepted it even though I never intended on seriously levelling the character. In my old guild quite frequently and even sometimes in my current guild, people are referred to by their real names. Except me. Frequently heard over vent: “Hey Steve.” “Hey Sarah.” “Hiya Chris.” “Hey Doofy.”

20. Secret: I sometimes raid on my mage while not hit capped. It’s not intentional, honest.

21. I’ve never heard the term “best in slot” so much before Wrath’s release. And I like it, because saying “best in slot” sounds vaguely dirty.

22. I have no desire to level my shaman. He’s 90% to level 75. I had him elemental for a few levels and it went by pretty quick but it was mind-numbingly boring. He’s currently resto and I use him to heal guild alts through the mid-level instances.

23. I hate PVP.

24. I have the 10,000 Honorable Kills achievement.

25. #23 is very likely a result of #24. Since the only way to get properly itemized holy paladin gear before BC was PVP, I did nothing but Alterac Valley in the 3 months between hitting 60 and the release of BC. I probably have less than 100 HK’s since BC’s release.

Wall of Stuff crits you for 123107: Happy New Year!

December 29, 2007

Heh, nothing brings your World of Warcraft addiction to a screeching halt like a shiny new XBox 360 and Guitar Hero under the Christmas tree. I’m still here, checking auctions and mail, seeing what the heroic dailies are but I haven’t done anything of note on the game since Christmas.

This sort of combos with a post I was working on in which I’ve reached kind of a wall with WoW at the moment.

Doofy has everything he needs from Karazhan, minus the shoulders from the Shade of Aran, which are never, ever, ever going to freaking drop. And as far as Badge of Justice rewards go, I just got the legs, and the other pieces of healing plate are really mild sidegrades, so I have minimal use for more badges unless I decided to go protection for gits and shiggles.

Sherm isn’t where I want him yet, but it’s rare that I can sneak him into Karazhan, I was very lucky that I got to do so in our 4-hour clear a couple of weeks ago. Really, he just needs more badges for a legs upgrade. Oh, and his weapon sucks. Short of paying for the mats and nethers for the Eternium Runed Blade, there’s only the exalted Honor Hold sword, which I’m a mere 15,000 rep away from getting. So he needs to get into Karazhan more, which currently isn’t an regular option as I’m typically stuck healing guild trips.

Doffy is still level 67. I can get him to 70 at will, but I really just don’t feel like doing that right now. I just did all these quests in the last 2-3 months or so on Sherm to get the cash for Doofy’s epic flying mount (and Doffy will probably pay for Sherm’s once he gets 70. My characters like to pay it forward.) He’ll be there, just not quite yet.

On top of that, my guild leader is completely sick of running Karazhan, as are most of us. We’re sharding virtually everything that drops or giving it to people for off-specs, and some of those pieces people already have. The things we want (Nightbane’s chest for our MT, Prince’s Mindblade for our casters) aren’t dropping. We can’t move into 25-man content yet because our raid roster is only about 12 or 13 people, plus a handful of friends from outside the guild who have alts they want to gear up. We’re not a raiding guild, really. We’re a screw-around guild that one day decided to do Karazhan, and then eventually started to beat the crap out of the place. A recruitment post went up on the realm forums explaining our desire to expand into 25-man raids, but I don’t see anything really coming of it (do those things ever work unless you’re a top end progression guild?).

I would like to raid more (and this is an absolutely shocking statement by me, one day I’ll make a post explaining why), but I’m otherwise going to step back from the game for a bit. Largely due to the XBox 360 (and Guitar Hero. And Mass Effect.) that is currently taunting me in the other corner of the room, but also due to the reasons mentioned above.

I’m not going to take a break from blogging, though. This writing exercise has been good for me. Hope to comment more on other folks’ blogs and share in the adventures you’re having! (And feel free to say hi if you found your way here from someone else’s site. Thanks)

Until later!