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Ridiculously late New Year’s Resolutions

January 12, 2008

Horribly late, of course, but I figured I’d mention these New Year’s resolutions that I’ve made for my characters (or have they made them for me? Hmmm.)


1. 375 Blacksmithing. Suck it up, you cheap bastard. I’ve even got an epic pattern that makes it worth levelling.
2. Replace these blue cloth shoulders. It’s the last piece of non-plate. I don’t care how you do it. Pray that the Shade of Aran drops his, get the ones from heroic Hellfire Ramparts or do some PVP for the welfare epics. They just look goofy at this point.
3. Do some freaking dailies. Again, suck it up and do them. Not the crappy ones, of course, but there are orcs in Shadowmoon Valley and ogres in Blade’s Edge that just want to hand me mad stacks of cash for a few minutes of work.


1. Replace that silly staff. Get a Karazhan drop, or finally hit Honor Hold exalted for their rockin’ sword. Done! I now have said sword, and the badge offhand to go with it, and it’s given me a net of 70 more damage. Woo hoo!
2. Finish your badge grind. Looks like you’ll need 25 more for the pants, and then another 25 if you want that wand and it’s hilarious 180 DPS.
3. Exalted Scryers. Come on! Use that spell damage to kill some blood elves. You’ll need the epic spellthread to go with those pants, and you’re probably not replacing those Mana-Etched Shoulders for a while so might as well put the exalted enchant on them, no?


1. Get 70! You’re 68 now, it’s not that much more.
2. Get Karazhan keyed. Not that your guild is going back there anymore, but it would be nice to have, just in case.
3. Use your Primal Might transmute as much as possible. It cost four of them to specialize, might as well try to make your money back. Pray for the epic five-proc!


1. Stop forgetting about me. You only love me for my disenchanting. Jerk.
2. If you’re not going to completely forget about me, at least get me to 50 so I can train to 375 enchanting and use this bank full of mats I’ve been collecting.
3. Why am I camped in Exodar? This isn’t fair. I’m lonely. Can someone help me? Please?
Anyone? Hellooooooooo…

About the alts

December 19, 2007

So Doofy is my main, and I am forever cursed to be referred to by that name whenever I play any of my alts. Which are as follows.

Sherm, level 70 Gnome Mage. I’ve probably been playing him the most lately, as Doofy is pretty much geared up as far as he can go until we really start experiencing more 25 man content (a bit more on that later). I leveled him as full frost and stayed that way for a while, and was actually getting kind of bored with it. I really didn’t want to go fire, so I found an arcane/frost build that looked interesting, and I haven’t looked back. My damage increased dramatically. I’m not pwning well-geared warlocks or rogues or anything in Karazhan, but I’m definitely holding my own, and I rock the dps in heroic five mans, especially when PuGing them. Been playing him the most also because he’s got some badly needed upgrades with Badge of Justice items so I try to hit the heroic daily quest. Sometimes that works, sometime it doesn’t.

Doffy, level 66 Draenei Shaman. When it came time to name him, I couldn’t think of anything much so I decided to name him after the most common mispelling of Doofy by bad typers. He’s enhancement spec and I plan on keeping him that way since I already have a caster and a healer, I wanted a melee class to bring to 70. I’ll probably have him keep a backup resto set for a pinch though. Been doing heroics with some shammy healers and wow do they rock if they know what they’re doing.

Waldorf, level 46 Gnome Warrior. He was actually the first character I rolled after getting Doofy to 60 and it was kind of a mistake. I hadn’t become the uber-holy paladin I am now at that time, so for me levelling him was almost a carbon copy of levelling up a paladin. I think I got him into the 20’s, rolled Sherm shortly after that and only dabbled here and there with him. I also made him an enchanter, loaded him up with lots of mats by sending high level greens to him to disenchant shortly before the change to enchanting went in where you had to be at a certain skill level to smash level 50 items. Eventually got it to 300, where he now waits with bags full of Arcane Dust and Large Prismatic Shards. I’ll level him eventually.